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MAY 15

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"I'm doing something similiar for my senior year biology high school la..."

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Florida Teen Measures Pollution with Glowing Bacteria

This is the second in our series of projects from ISEF that we will be covering. Many more to come. Thanks to wow look it order cialis online Intel for flying me out and i recommend levitra low price putting me up so I could cover the conference.

Water may look clean, but it can contain many clear or diluted chemicals, unobservable by the naked eye, that can seriously harm human health. Water testing is viagra china not prohibitively expensive, but it only tests for certain things. So Leah Schecter of Florida decided to see if one can actually SEE and test the quality of water, using bioluminescent dinoflagellates (bacteria).

The bioluminescence of levitra pills an organism is a very good indicator of overall health and so she tested some groups to see how long their bioluminescence would last. It lasted about 30 seconds for the control group and 34 seconds for the experimental group. She then added the most popularly used pesticide to the experimental group. The chemical contained Atrazine, which causes harm to human and animal life, and the results were quite acute.

After 4 days, the control group had lost 6 seconds of luminescence while the experimental group, that exposed to the chemical, lost 24 seconds, to 10 seconds, only 29% of its initial duration. It is clear that the Atrazine had a significant effect on the health of even these small bacteria. While this specific experiment only applies to salt water, Leah says that the experiments can be duplicated for fresh water applications with strains of other bacterium or lichens found in fresh water.

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written by Ivan H., May 16, 2008
Dinoflagellates are not bacteria, but unicellular eucaryotic algae...
written by Roy, May 16, 2008
Ivan's right. The eucaryotic part gives it away. Bacteria don't have a nucleus.
written by Dan B., May 21, 2008
Good research and experimentation. with the cialis 5 mg buy use of bioluminescence to detect minute organisms in salt and fresh water, beaches can be made safer and harmful bacteria from feces or dead marine organisms can be treated and swimming restrictions on beaches can be lifted much sooner.
more info?
written by Fate Kyougo, April 02, 2014
I'm doing something similiar for my senior year biology high school lab. Does anybody know the exact bioluminescent dinoflagellates this person used for their experiment?

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