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AUG 01

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Efficiency the Boon of try it cialis discount prices AMD

amdAMD has taken over 26% of the server market, up 10% from last year, based almost entirely on the success of their low-power Opteron chips.  After AMD decided to viagra online best prices focus less on the absolute power of its chips, and more on the performance per watt of power, data centers began flocking to AMD devices. 

Intel has countered with it's own high performance per watt chip and recommended site female cialis has begun a huge advertising campaign.  Intel founder Gordon Moore's prediction that processor speeds would double regularly turned out to be amazingly accurate.  Maybe, now that Intel and AMD know how much efficiency matters, Moore's law will apply to performance per watt as well. 
Via CNet News
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AMD and the Federales in cahoots?
written by a guest, August 01, 2006
I saw this story on HUGG today, it's a story about how the House of Reps has passed a bill that would require the EPA to regulate the energy consumption of servers and datacenters, also particularly for those owned and operated by the government. I suppose that AMD heard about this and is pretty excited about their processors being the most efficient. Regardless, I'm sure they will be the benefactors of this legislation, especially if Intel doesn't catch up.

Computer world via:Hugg

written by a guest, August 02, 2006
Sorry to quibble, but AMD doesn't make Xeon CPUs. That "honour" belongs to Intel. I think the AMD CPU you mean is maybe the Opteron?
Thanks for the Correction
written by a guest, August 02, 2006
That was just me being lame....

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