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MAY 23

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"It's nice to see that they are finally stepping it up with the punishm..."

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Wonked Out Friday

Everyone likes Fridays, but no one is happier that this week has almost ended than EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson. You know it's been a tough week when the tramadol no perscription best thing that happened to you is that a House committee decided to postpone a vote on whether to it's cool professional cialis online hold you in contempt.

The embattled EPA chief has discovered that while Congress may look the other way the first time that the White House is usefull link cialis doses allowed to meddle in agency decision-making, it is not as patient after the second, third and fourth time that it happens.

Lucky for Johnson, he's really good at evading questions. We just wish we could have been a fly on the wall when President Bush directly overruled the EPA's top man on a policy decision.

In other EnviroWonk news from the tramadol cash on delivery saturday delivery past week:

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written by C, May 24, 2008
It's nice to see that they are finally stepping it up with the punishments for big polluters, they deserve to be treated with jail time.. they are killing the environment and ultimately themselves and everyone else.

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