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MAY 26

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"Yeah solar panle ipods, im all about the viagra england GREEN son!..."

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Solar iPods in the Future

Apple has just filed a patent for an in-screen / device-covering solar film for it's gadgets. We've seen similar in-screen technology patented by Motorola already (not clear if this is an infringement) but Apple wants to cover the entire device, not jut the screen, with the solar cells.

{digg}{/digg}You can already get a solar powered just requires a larger-than-an-iPod charger that you have to lay out in the sun all the time.

Not perfectly convenient, for sure, but I suppose it's better than the regular coal-powered way of charging up. But if the levitra for women solar cells were built into the device, that would certainly make things simpler.

Unfortunately, with current efficiencies for thin-film solar (the only kind that could be semi-transparent) it's unclear that there would be much benefit. Unless you were planning on tramadol hydrochloride leaving your iPod in the sun all day long, you'd still need to charge the old fashioned way.

Unless Apple starts making flat gadgets with a large surface area....and that doesn't seem to the best choice levitra prescription be the direction they're going.

Via Engadget

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written by Alan, May 26, 2008
I can't even afford a regular 'ol iPod, I doubt these will be within my price range. Why must going green cost so much?

...I know, I know, the cost of doing nothing is higher, arg.
written by Ciaran F, May 26, 2008
This is fantastic news!
Should not be a patent
written by none, May 27, 2008
This patent is ridiculous.

My 25 solar calculator shows that this is ridiculous. So, they use *a lot* where is the innovation? Where is the uniqueness?

I am *all for* more solar powered devices, but this apple patent is more apple bullhsiat.

Apple == horrible patent troll.
This is nuts!
written by zack, May 27, 2008
I've got an 80GB iPod Video and I love it dearly. I don't know why they would wanna do best price cialis this kind of thing. And from what I can gather it's not gonna be a very pretty iPod with all those Solar thingy's on it. I just might have to switch to Zune!
Going green costs
written by Mouse, May 27, 2008
It costs so much because it hasn't been researched and produced as much. What we have now has gone through centuries of buy viagra online refinement getting it to the cheap products we have today. If we would have gone down the green road way back when, then the get propecia cheap green products would cost a similar amount to what the non-green products do now.
Fold out?
written by Mike, May 27, 2008
How about a back that folds out to increase the surface area?? Or maybe concentrate it??
written by Tim, May 27, 2008
you gotta think about it, its also basically just another one of apple's clever marketing schemes, i mean who wouldnt want a cool looking solar panel ipod? it think it seems pretty cool, and there moving in the right direction in the process too. It could come in handy if you were at the beach and a charger were inconvenient, and you could listen to it as long as you wanted, unless it was a cloudy day.
written by David, May 27, 2008
Now I can burn my hands when I pick up my iPod!
really, what's the use?
written by Matt, May 27, 2008
...i keep my ipod in my pocket...away from the sun..
as i'm sure alot of other people do too..what's the use for a solar ipod when it's kept in the pocket?
written by chris, May 27, 2008
perfect chance for someone to purchasing levitra invent see thru pockets!
written by Ron, May 27, 2008
"Unless Apple starts making flat gadgets with a large surface area....and that doesn't seem to be the direction they're going."

Hmmmmm how about a device that is thin and light and tends to be left out in the open when you use it like ummmmmmm a LAPTOP!!!!!????????

Now what do ya do about the stickers and cases???
Bad Ideas #2
written by james, May 27, 2008
Isn't leaving electronics like that in the sun for a long time a bad idea? the only times my ipod has got that hot i've often had discoloration of the screen to go with it, not neccessarily a fantastic thing to happen. but hey, maybe they'll be able to sort it.
written by fr, May 27, 2008
>:( :o :P :- :-*
written by Spuds, May 27, 2008
Cool. I want one.
written by paulo, May 27, 2008


written by paulo, May 27, 2008


solar ipod
written by whatisthis, May 27, 2008
the view is not so modern. the technology is also not so modern.
Solar pod
written by peej, May 27, 2008
Wouldn't it make more sence to put the solar panels on the levitra generic for sale back of the iPod? If apple could make a scratch proof backing plate then you wouldn't have the ugly metal scratchiness and you'd save your screen from the sunlight too.
written by David, May 27, 2008
This is a bit much dont you think? Apple is always making patents because that's what you do when if you want a better chance for a really good one. The lame people in this article are the ones that peruse the patent website for hours on end for any and buy cialis pills online all evidence of new product development and post it to their own websites with enticing titles only for the body to be pure speculation. WASTE OF TIME.
written by ewt, May 27, 2008
:) ;) :D :( :-* :-* :-*
Well thought out idea. Not.
written by Jerry, May 27, 2008
Everyone realizes the sun is hot right? Lithium Ion Batteries hate heat. It shortens their life. I bet the iPod has a warning with it somewhere saying not to cheap viagra uk charge it above 120F. Or not to leave it in direct sunlight.
great news
written by Luxus, May 27, 2008
I'd love to have a solar ipod.
Any info on the power the real viagra overnight solar panel produces?

When will it be released? Or is it just a prototype?
NOT good for the environment
written by Bren, May 28, 2008
This is more for marketing & sales than any environmental benefit. By encouraging keeping the iPod in the sun, the iPod (and battery in particular) will have a shorter shelf life.

Even highly efficient solar panels take around 2-5 years to earn their embedded energy back - there aren't many people who have iPods that have lasted 5 years, and they'll last even less if kept in the sun all the time.

This idea is great for Apple shareholders, but very bad for the environment.

They'd be better off making iPods from recycled iPods - THAT would be good for the environment!
who is going to buy this?
written by Computerden, May 28, 2008
if the new ipod touch's and iphones are the in thing, then why would anyone buy something that has a smaller screen these days?

unless it is cheap cialis no prescription solar powered and doesnt ever need batteries!
It Extendes Battery Life Not Replaces th
written by Jim, May 28, 2008
I think a lot of people have this idea that if they put solar cells on something, that it has to replace the electrical outlet. I don't understand that. I like the idea because now hopefully it will double battery life or something like it. Remember every little bit counts!
written by kay, June 01, 2008
dont most people put ipods in their pockets?
written by The Chic Geek, June 08, 2008
Hey, first of all I found this blog from a link on Nerd Fighters (I'm Lauren-Noelle aka Nerd Lover, not Fighter, he he) to your Twitter then to here! (My Twitter is

Anyway I just wrote a response (late 'cos I just started blogging on the site [again] the other day) to the same article, but I criticize Apple for not wanting to share the technology, which would better help the Earth. I linked to we choice get viagra prescription my post in my name link. :-)

If you agree with what I say, would you consider voting for it on try it cialis pfizer your favorite green social bookmarking site(s)? I'm editing the post now with a list... :-D Thanks!
written by The Chic Geek, June 08, 2008
Hmm, my webpage didn't post. Since it's relevant, I hope you wouldn't mind me linking it now.. (Especially since I asked for social votes. :-))

Thanks. :-)
written by Oh My, July 12, 2008
This is just stupid. People keep their iPods / iPhones in their pockets, when are they ever exposed to enough light to make a difference? For casual, day to day use, this is a completely worthless feature. About as useful as a solar powered flashlight.

The only time when my iPod is not in my pocket is when I'm at the gym and I have it on my arms thanks to those sport straps, but the click now female viagra gym is entirely indoors. The only people that would have any practical benefit from the solar power are people who jog outdoors and use sport straps for their iPhones, and even then, it would hardly make a major difference for them, the iPods battery life is fine when you use it just for music, and people don't watch film when running.

Overall, its a nice innovative idea, but the practicality of it just nil.
written by nicole, November 11, 2008
I personally think this is a great idea. It's defintiely a great step for our society. And i have to disagree with a comment below me, the appearnce of the IPod with the solar cells is not an ugly one as you can cleary see form the pictur of above. It is a great patent idea. definitely continue with it!
Thats Dank!
written by Dulcie Baker, March 05, 2010
Yeah solar panle ipods, im all about the GREEN son!

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