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JUN 03

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"Why aren't they just plugging the plane into the good choice buy viagra online australia terminal when it is o..."

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First Airbus Powered By Fuel Cells

Attendees of the ILA Berlin Air Show this year received a look at the first commercial aircraft powered (in part) by fuel cells. Airbus and the German Aerospace Center presented the Airbus A320, which they are testing with a fuel cell system. Their goal is to take the first step towards reducing aircraft environmental impact (including everything from fuel use to noise pollution) by 50% within the next 12 years, and while the buy viagra online fuel cells cannot replace the jet engines needed for flight, they can provide power while on the ground. Considering the amount of time and fuel spent on the runway, this has the potential to make a sizeable impact on emissions.

Taking it one step further, Airbus is also minimizing its impact through PAMELA, Process for Advanced Management of End-of-Life Aircraft. In other words, they’re recycling. The first plant will come online in France in October. Airbus is working to cialis cheep recover 85% of materials used in aircraft, and reduce by 66% the waste from end-of-life airplanes.

While there are lots of ideas on how to fly green, it looks to me like Airbus is well on follow link how much viagra the way to clearer skies.

Via Treehugger

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written by Corban, June 03, 2008
One question.

How much energy did it take to fill up those fuel cells? While fuel cells will probably reduce emissions on the frontend, when you look at both sides of the equation and factor in the backend, it may turn out to be very different.

I mean, look at ethanol.
Corban - Not all ethanol is equal
written by Dave Cowen, June 03, 2008
I agree with the ethanol comment you made Corban... partially. Not all ethanol is created equal. There is the best site women cialis no doubt that corn-based ethanol is a very bad idea. And everyone that understood the levitra pfizer situation and the science behind it knew it was a bad idea before it became mainstream.

However, ethanol from cellulosic ethanol production is a net energy producer, and doesn't even require massive amounts of oil-based fertilizer in order to obtain the raw materials.
written by EV, June 03, 2008
Why aren't they just plugging the plane into the terminal when it is on the ground? Or is this for when the plane is taxiing?

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