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JUN 03

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"So if its true that you can make clean water from plastic bottles then..."

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Plastic Bottle Raft Raises Pollution Issues

The ocean is quickly becoming a growing and india pharmacies levitra generic gross mass of plastic. So two enviro-sailors are drawing attention to this mound of junk by floating away in all that crap that people are throwing into the sea, forcing us to see what we’re discarding.

The two marine research scientists have made a raft out of 15,000 plastic bottles and a Cessna 310 to raise awareness of cailis canadian farmacy how much plastic is floating in the ocean. The Algalita Marine Research Foundation has studied how much plastic marine debris there is in the North Pacific and found, distressingly, an exponential increase. So, the scientists are sailing the 2,000 miles from Los Angeles to Hawaii this week on cialis 100 mg generic their raft made of debris, hoping to draw attention to the riffraff thrown into the sea and forgotten.

“Once it goes past this point,” says enviro-sailor Joel Paschal at the mail order levitra Long Beach marina in California, “it goes to the ocean. It’s out of sight, out of mind. People don’t see it every day.”

The voyage is expected to take six weeks for the 1.5 ton raft, named “Junk” to sail the distance. On board, Joel and Marcus Eriksen, a former Gulf War veteran and marine scientist, have three months worth of food and water, including a five gallon bucket of Hershey’s kisses. They’re also equipped with three GPS units, two satellite phones and we use it how to get viagra no prescription 2VHF radios.

Dr. Eriksen says to make the raft sink, every single one of the 15,000 plastic bottles lashed together would have to be punctured. The raft is also backed up by 12 pontoons so if one was to rupture, the other 11 can keep the vessel floating. The “Junk” raft is also using parts from discarded fishing nets, a solar generator and a bicycle generator to power its eco-journey along the Pacific. Follow the spain female viagra journey here at the sailor’s blog.

“It’s an environmental issue, it’s a human health issue and it needs to change now,” says Dr. Eriksen.

Via: JunkRaft and NPR

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Leave the plastic be
written by Kane, June 04, 2008
If sufficient amounts of plastic are present in the ocean then life forms will evolve to eat it.
written by Babis, June 04, 2008
Life forms will evolve eventually to use what's in their enviroment for their own benefit, but that'll take a long time. In the mean time, we should pick up and clean our own mess without further deteriorating our natural resources.
written by o my god, June 05, 2008
With ignorant remarks like that, let's do nothing but destroy earth as nature will find a way...
written by Plastic Bottles, November 16, 2009
Interesting article and idea Mr. Paschal and Dr. Eriksen. I think that people need to realize that if plastic bottles are recycled at a higher rate, then scientists can start developing new plastics that will be safer to use. I think it's all a matter of people doing there part and not throwing away their bottles, but help by recycling.
what to do with all those bottles
written by annetta, July 10, 2013
So if its true that you can make clean water from plastic bottles then why don't we drag all these bottles to somewhere hot for some disaster relief effort. Plastic bottles stuck together could be used in flood prone areas as rafts and cheap generic cialis to clean water in.

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