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AUG 08

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"I thin paper would never be eradicated ;D..."

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The Future of Publishing

magazinesAs a proponent, participant and cialis rx willing adopter of the usefull link buy cialis online uk coming changes to the publishing industry, I just thought I'd link to this article.  I hate the word "futurologist" because no one can study what has not happened yet, but it's interesting nonetheless. 
Gist of article: The publishing industry is changing, barriers are crashing down, magazines are going out of generic viagra in canada business in tech-savvy places and tech-savvy demographics.  We'll see way less paper and way more content.  This is, on the whole, a great thing for consumers, a good thing for the environment, and a terrible thing for the established publishing industry. 

So, have a read, I don't think it's 'futurology' but I do think it's prescient.
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When will people learn
written by a guest, August 08, 2006
It's just silly to make up titles for yourself like that. And if you're going to, at least make sure they make sense.

I do agree that print in the traditional sense will have to find a way to adapt as computers and faster internet speeds become more ubiquitous. Currently I only receive the Sunday and Thursday papers as those days have coupons for groceries in them. The other days I get my news through the web. Plenty magazine also offers an "online only" subscription for a discounted price. I like the idea of online magazine subscriptions, less clutter, less waste, and it will be easier to alternative buy viagra create enriched content by including music, video etc.
Little to no paper
written by a guest, August 15, 2006
PDAs and PCs are getting cheaper so emagazines could become the new norm in the future. Paper can be saved which will decrease waste. That is a good thing.
never no paper
written by howard smith, February 10, 2007
I thin paper would never be eradicated ;D

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