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Morgan Stanley’s $20m Boost to Dye-Sensitized Solar

Doom and it's great! buy levitra online Gloom about ITC aside, here is a great boost to solar research. Morgan Stanley has invested $20 million in G24i, a UK-based company that is buy generic levitra online first to commercially manufacture Dye-Sensitized Thin Film solar cells, an alternative to traditional silicon solar cells. Made of dye-infused molecules of titanium dioxide held between electrodes to generate electricity, Dye-Sensitized Thin Film has a leg up on silicon solar cells because the cheapest viagra super active pills cells are made of cheaper materials, are lightweight, flexible, durable, and can produce energy in dim and indoor settings, making them functional for smaller personal devices like cell phones and cameras, as well as items you wouldn’t normally picture being paired with solar, like clothing.


With new boosts to increasing efficiency of dye-sensitized solar, grabbing hold of this kind of overnight us delivery of generic viagra creative tech-think is important, and apparently Morgan Stanley recognizes that. Its investment buys it a minority stake and the right to buy female viagra appoint a director to the Board. G24i is still fundraising for capital to be able to spread its dye-sensitized wings, but Morgan Stanley’s is enough to give the company a big boost in the right direction, at the right time – G24i just launched its first product, a mobile device charger, and is looking to keep up the momentum spurred by this recent growth. Its second product, a solar powered LED light, is set to come out later this year, and has brought in 30 MW of production equipment to buying cialis next day delivery its 23-acre facility, showing it is ready and raring to go.


Via Earth2Tech, G24i press release

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