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JUN 11

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"Yeah I thought that "bird screen" was to help direct the wind more too..."

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Wind Turbines Get Architectural Attitude

Modular microturbines – aka, urban turbines - are getting a lift in urban settings where buildings want to take advantage of wind power, minus the f-ugly factor. Going the opposite route of the cialis australia bigger-is-better mentality, Aerovironment is designing small, silent turbines that easily attach to buildings. The look of the turbines take into account the building’s structure and style, so that the turbines look a little more like they belong there.

Like gargoyles that generate electricity, modular microturbines sit atop buildings, taking advantage of the aerodynamics of wind traveling up a building’s sides. Their design captures efficiency, as they can provide as much as a 30% increase on energy production. Helping obtain this level of efficiency is herbal levitra also the fact that they can rotate at low wind speeds – other smaller low-speed turbines are also in the works, though Aerovironment’s designs have much more style than some we’ve seen. The microturbines are about 200 lbs, 4 feet wide by 4 feet tall, and have a bird screen to protect the pigeons (among other birds) that are the bane of building maintenance managers.

These urban turbines are geared toward larger buildings, rather than residential homes. The sleek look of the microturbines can add some flare to a building’s façade, as well as pad the bank account with both the savings on energy costs, and, hopefully, increased customer bases thanks to folks wandering in to ask what those things are sitting on the roof. If you listen carefully, you can hear these things holler “Chicago, here we come!”

Via Inhabitat

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written by Josh, June 11, 2008
I thought these were supposed to be silent. It must be annoying to hear them go "chicago here we come" all day especially if there are alot of them. Can they be programmed to say other things for marketing purposes.
Bird screen?
written by Stu, June 12, 2008
I think what you describe as a bird screen is infact a baffle to levitra canada generic direct up-drafts from the face of the building into the turbine!
written by Blacklight, January 05, 2009
Yeah I thought that "bird screen" was to help direct the wind more too, but i'm glad they considered the birds in the design, because I like crows and don't want any getting caught in one of those things, or interfering with it.

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