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JUN 12

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"Haven't we learned that using FOOD as FUEL is destroying our environme..."

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LGF to Put Sugar in Your Tank

Sugar ethanol is setting up camp in the south! Over the next ten years, expect to see three new sugar mills and four new ethanol plants open shop in Louisiana, generating an estimated 100 million gallons of sugar-based ethanol annually. Louisiana Green Fuels, an investment group owned by Inverandino and the Lake Charles Cane Cooperative, has purchased three sugar mills ruined by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, one of viagra overnight shipping fedex which was state owned and purchased for $60 million. Funding for the projects is coming from the Santacoloma family of Columbia, which controls Inverandino.


Additional financial help is coming from the state of Louisiana itself, including issuing $133 million in industrial development revenue bonds through the Louisiana Public Facilities Authority, $100 million of which is tax exempt. With the likelihood of these mills and ethanol plants creating thousands of jobs and significant revenue for the state, it is cialis femele no wonder Louisiana is doing what it can to help the project along. LGF has also said it plans to look here female cialis buy the bulk of its sugarcane and sweet sorghum locally, further helping the Louisiana economy. However, it will be importing high-test molasses, refined sugar and common molasses. It is thought that sugar, which produces an eightfold return on the fossil energy used in producing it will outstrip corn, which only yields a 1.3 ROI. With the politics of soft tab viagra and buy levitra in canada no prescription misunderstanding around corn ethanol already making biofuels socially messy, it will be interesting to see how a solid run towards sugar ethanol might change the farming industry, as well as our ideas about crops-as-biofuel.


However cellulosic ethanol is also on the rise, and in the south to boot. Mascoma’s process can take trash to sugar to ethanol, and with its source being waste rather than a farmed product, I think cellulosic can be a more sustainable way to go if we’re heading towards ethanol. But for now, alternative fuel is alternative fuel and the more research and options we see coming down the pipe, the better for future improvements.


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written by Corban, June 12, 2008
Sugar's a subsidized good, and so's ethanol. Now they want to buy levitra where put them together? This is not a sustainable solution. Because it's supporting a hurt state via two subsidized goods in concert, this is charity.
Clean Air Performance Professionals
written by Charlie Peters, June 13, 2008
What was the buy viagra without a prescription cause of death of Alexander Farrell, 46, expert on alternative fuels?
It's a small part of the solution....
written by Richard Davine, June 14, 2008
I'd like to see farmers harvesting the wind, the sun and growing bio fuels for a whole energy solution to mining fossil fuels. Relying on only one mono crop is as dumb an industrial process as strip mining with its resource intensive and depleting practices. Going Organic must be an element of any sustainable farming future.
Stop using food for fuels
written by Super Jos, June 16, 2008
Haven't we learned that using FOOD as FUEL is destroying our environment and starving countries to death? I can't believe the ECOGEEK would continue publishing stuff about that lie, the bio-fuels. I guess I was wrong...

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