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Classic Comic Books...Sans Book

Depending on what kind of geek or how geeky you really are, you may or may not appreciate this. You've got to be pretty geeky to get excited about an archive of free, paperless, downloadable comic books stretching from 1930 to 1980.

We are that geeky.

The current archive of 2861 comic books hosted at include Green LanternJustice League and, of course, Korak Son of Tarzan. While these don't represent the true cream of comic greatness, there is a lot of history and hours of reading pleasure avaiable here. Now, all of very cheap tramadol cod these comics are still under copyright by DC, and the people who run AIBQ say that they want to digitize DC's entire library through 1980 (just DC, not Marvel, darnit.)

So far, they've gotten away with it because it's simply not worth the fuss. These comics aren't earning DC anything, and DC isn't planning on re-releasing any of them...ever.

The books are for educational purposes only, of course, and you need to download a special sequential image archive viewer to read them, but it is well worth the time. Sometimes a geek needs to find some ultra-geeky roots in an ecogeeky way. Thanks AIBQ.




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