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JUN 23

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"So what about the where to buy viagra us stuff you can't get rid of on ebay?..."

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e-Cycling From Home Is A Zip

Recycling electronics is a practice finally gaining widespread exposure. We’ve talked about the hazards of e-waste, and why getting the most out of the old stuff is better than getting new stuff. But a lot of us want to just ditch the beat-up gadgets guilt-free. And, a lot of us are also lazy…or busy.


To that end, e-Cycling is getting easier, from simply mailing away your small electronics at no charge, to competitive programs helping you make a little money on the turn-around. Now, Zip Express Installations will not only help you set up your new devices, but also haul away the old – for a charge, of course.


Zip is viagra oral gel working on partnerships with big-box retailers to provide next-day installations. Once the business is fully launched, you’ll be able to canadian legal cialis hire them to come and install your new toy, but plan an extra $49 for the online us viagra haul-away of the old gadget. If you just want them to take something away for you, it’ll cost a cool $80.


This seems like a real luxury service, but if you’re paying someone to come install something for you then you’re probably the kind of person who enjoys a little luxury, so Zip really knows their target audience. They’ll also deal with computers, phones, cameras, PC peripherals, monitors and amplifiers. I’m so penny-pinching, I’d rather deal with it myself until electronics companies catch on best levitra to the free haul-away service appliance companies already offer.


Via Earth2Tech

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A great way to recycle school laptops
written by The Food Monster, June 23, 2008
There has been a need for an easy way to recycle laptops. As lots of Universities force their students to buy crappy laptops that die a few months after they graduate. Then it costs more to cialis order canada fix rather than just buying a new one.
mindset shift
written by eco-geeker, June 23, 2008

$50 to have your old electronics taken away and disposed of safely is a bargain..

People may scoff at it, but unfortunately its because of the eco-unfriendly mindset developed countries have patterned for many years now..just because its free to dump your old tv in your apartment complex's trash compactor doesn't mean a haul away service is expensive or unnecessary - once legislation catches up with the eco imperative you can expect to get a hefty bite in the ass if you get caught dumping your old gadgets where ever you feel like to avoid proper disposal.

Europe already has strict laws on garage disposal and services to dispose of your electronics are considerably more expensive then the service mentioned here.

To undo the damage we have done to this planet is going to cost us all in many ways, but maybe its worth it to avoid our children's children living in lack and suffering.
written by eco-geeker, June 23, 2008
*garbage disposal - not garage disposal
written by boohoo, June 23, 2008
$50 to have your old electronics taken away and disposed of safely is a bargain..

not if I can sell it on ebay. I wouldn't give any company money to take something, even if all I could get for on ebay was $2 USD (I use recycled/trash boxes so I don't loose money on supplies)
written by eco-geeker, June 23, 2008
So what about the stuff you can't get rid of on ebay?

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