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JUN 24

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"Wind power is lowest price for levitra sustainable, clean power. You get what you see and what ..."

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The U.S.'s First Offshore Wind Farm...FINALLY

The story of offshore wind in America has been so far, pretty depressing. In general, wealthy people with otherwise green ideals have put a damper on offshore wind simply because they don't want to look at them in the distance. But we've finally got an offshore wind project approved for the United States (lagging woefully behind Europe).

The new wind farm will be built off the coast of Delaware, about 12 miles off the coast. That should decrease the visual distraction significantly as well as help capture those roaring atlantic breezes that average about twice that of on-land wind speeds. The field will be composed of about 150 turbines and will produce enough electricity to power about 100,000 homes at peak output.

The deal is a joint project between the Delmavra Power Utility and BlueWater Wind, which has previously created offshore wind farms in the Netherlands. The project will cost about $1.6 B. Half of the it's great! levitra profesional generating capacity is being pre-purchased by Delmavra. The rest of levitra and diarrhea the electricity will be sold to other buyers. But not until the project is completed in 2012.


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What about Cape Wind Project!!
written by Ash, June 24, 2008
What ever happened to cheap cialis order online Cape Wind project?
written by The Food Monster, June 24, 2008
A fine place to put a wind farm. Other great states include, South Carolina, R. Island, Maine, Massachusetts. You just have to watch out for hurricanes, I wonder how they have that figured into their plans. It is great to use the non-livable space as renewable energy.
written by EV, June 25, 2008
written by Ash , June 24, 2008
What ever happened to Cape Wind project?

Ted Kennedy complained about it.
Our Senators Do Not Vote "For The People
written by Lucien Beauley, June 25, 2008
Our senators and all we placed in congress should vote for the needs of the people...not their pockets. It must be changed, or kiss the U.S. good bye.
written by Lucien Beauley, June 25, 2008
In the early 1960's, because of former Russia's launch of their Sputnik satellite, the U.S. embarked on an all-out space program, meant to overcome their space lead, which eventually lead to the announcement by then President John Kennedy of our intent to land man on the moon within 10 years. The technology required to accomplish this feat would require totally new technologies never before realized, creating a quantum leap in technology. Will the present need to reverse global warming create a resurgence?

Will Global Warming Create Another Apollo Program Technologies Leap?
written by Lucien Beauley, June 25, 2008
With energy costs continually on the rise, it is no wonder we are still able to survive in a society with ever increasing inflation. As we begin to wonder if there is any end in sight, there are some suggestions as to ways of easing the cost viagra burden.
How to Save Big Money on just try! cialis without perscription Your Electric Bill
Cape Wind still pending
written by Andrew, June 25, 2008
Cape Wind is not out of the running yet, the final approval is buying cialis without a prescription pending this Fall. I assume this Deleware project has not yet even started the approval process that Cape Wind has had to deal with. 12 miles off shore is Federal Waters just like Cape Wind.
Too Optimistic
written by Fritz, June 25, 2008

Well, the deal between Delmarva Power and Bluewater is for 200MW which isn't much of canadian pharmacy scam proposed capacity and if they can't find buyers for the rest of the capacity then they have the option to levitra cost opt out. That was the concession made to Bluewater for Delmarva not agreeing to buy the previous possible peak of 300MW making the $1.6 billion deal into an $800 million one. All in all it's a good step forward but I don't think it's a done deal yet. Many people in DE are worried about the increased cost of the wind energy which since I think it will be spread out across the state they estimated $25 per person.

On the even more un-EcoGeek side of this the deal allows Delmarva to not reach the 20% renewable sources by 2019 which was otherwise required by state law. Check out the News Journal (Delaware Online) article for more exact details.
Why not on land where it is cheaper to d
written by me, June 25, 2008
Why do they have to put them out at sea where I can't see them from my house. I asked them to put one in my back yard, but apparently they thought that was too easy.
It's not the first
written by Not the first, June 25, 2008
You need to change your title there and keep up with the times. It's not the first.
Great Idea
written by Jim Fix, June 25, 2008
...and hopefully Teddy Kennedy won't be able to see them from there.
Cape Wind is Go!
written by Cape Wind is Go!, June 25, 2008

Ted Kennedy not withstanding, this will happen.
alternative energy
written by tom, June 25, 2008
I dont think the buy real levitra online federal government should be involved that much in pushing the green agenda. However there are basic things I think it could do to drive it. for 1 repealling the tax subisidies given to real levitra online big oil in the atrociously named clean enrgy bill would be a start. the oil industry is heavily subsidiszed and some of those revenues should go to renewable energy tech because the planet cannot run off of oil forever.
the problem occurs is that renewables will not be pushed until the price of oil goes up. this is a double edged sword because to make the products to utilize renewable energy, fossil fuels need to be burned to drive manufacturing increasing their cost.
the federal govnermnet is too bureaucratic and does a poor job at most of what it does. states should be taking the lead in the energy revolution. Ideally, houses, buildings and apts should all be constructed to meet their individual energy needs. there has been some recent success of this with energy producing new construction.
a perfect exapme of the federal gov's bureaucratic failure is visit our site buy levitra pills Ted Kennedy's effort to kill the wind farm in teh cape.
Global Warming is not Man Made!
written by Neal, June 25, 2008
I don't say we don't help the cialis daily process but without us it would happen anyway. It's a natural process the planet goes through and it will always go through until an asteroid hits or we are engulfed by the sun when it becomes a red giant or whatever. We can not reverse something we do not control, well we could but why would we. Fact is the answer to tramadol shipped cod Global Warming is an Ice Age
Has anyone really given this much though
written by JoeBurg, June 25, 2008

Ok. Post 9/11. What do we do if some terrorist decides to damage these things? What are the odds they would ever get caught? What if a sailboat gets blown off course or is navigating in the fog, runs into these (since the turbines radically slow down the breezes, what is the local warming effect?).
Etc. Etc. Completely silly.
Yeah Right
written by John thoams, June 25, 2008
Its about time. What has taken so long for this to become reality?

Warming is a hoax
written by WarmingIsAHoax, June 25, 2008
Warming? The earth is cooling:
written by null, June 26, 2008
Why do people have to start commenting about how global warming is fake? So if global warming weren't real we wouldn't want cheap, renewable energy sources? This is good no matter what
Sounds like a bad deal to me...
written by Soundsbad, June 28, 2008
$1.6 billion divided by 100000 homes(if they have ideal conditions 100% of the time) is $16000 per home. Let's say that a house has a $250 per month energy bill(notice that I'm rounding in a way that helps the dimwits that screwed the system). That's $3000 per year. Let's hope that those big metal towers with metal gears and metal generators out in the salt water don't need to be replaced in the next 6 - 10 years.

This sounds to me like someone got a deal from the government (that's you and me, folks) where the government will pay them a great big chunk of that money to build these things.

Picture a fat businessman chuckling about putting one over on Uncle Sam and you and me as he counts what used to be our money one more time.


written by HB, June 28, 2008
$1.6 billion divided by 100000 homes(if they have ideal conditions 100% of the time) is $16000 per home...

If you factor in the $1 trillion cost of the Iraq war to buy cialis online cheap protect our oil interests (which we should factor in, there being no other reason to be there), those windmills are a bargain.
written by IndigoErth, July 02, 2008
"I assume this Deleware project has not yet even started the approval process that Cape Wind has had to deal with."

Sorry Cape Wind, DE already just got ours approved. smilies/cheesy.gif
Coloradan who loves Delaware beaches
written by Chuckie, July 29, 2008
Hope there is a valid environmental impact study done.
1. Impacts on fish and good choice buy cialis in europe other ocean life due to construction pollution and on-going operations.
2. Staggering death tolls on migratory birds are a fact though seldom addressed.
3. Higher transmission costs and environmental impacts due to shore facilities. High tension power lines aren't pretty.
4. True assessment of the percentages of time winds will produce power. Lots of myths about the duty cycle.

Guess I'm saying to really look before the leap to this mode of power generation.
No Waste Disposal
written by Uncle B, November 19, 2008
Wind power is sustainable, clean power. You get what you see and what you pay for up front - no hidden costs! How the individual American chooses to use that power is another thing. Americans will have to "adjust" the "American Dream" to more closely fit reality! we need more efficient refigerators in our homes. We need to put more cost-effective sewage disposal systems on the law books - Composting over septic for example. We need to outlaw all other than LED lights! We need to better develop microwave cooking. We need to use the power from windmills in the least wasteful fashion! Our environment is collapsing under the pressure of our upper-class high flying lifestyles and we will pay with lead, cadmium selenium and mercury poisoning, dead lakes, dying forests and sick populations. We are not living in sustainable fashion, and adding a few windmills to the horizons will not redeem us. The paradgm shift brought on by the depression now upon us, will chastize us and purify us to brand name levitra a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, where wind mills will be a respected source of power.

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