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JUN 24

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"These conversions are made under the generic viagra uk europe premise that the output is ethano..."

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8% of World Energy Needs Could Be Met by Abandoned Lands

With the growing concern over farmland being used to produce crops that will be refined into biofuels instead of food, shortages of which are growing annually, researchers at the Carnegie Institute of Science have studied the potential for abandoned agricultural and viagra non prescription pasture land to be used instead, and to see what that might mean for our bioenergy future. Since they estimate that there are 4.7 million square kilometers of cialis made in the usa such lands, the energy potential is enormous.

Their study, the Global Limits of Biomass Energy, sought to utilize satellite imagery, reports, productivity models and other data to estimate the amounts of energy that could be produced from these derelict plots of earth. Already, Brazil is purchase viagra uk fueling their vehicles with about 30% biofuel made from sugarcane - like what LGF plans to do in the US - but is such a thing really possible on a large scale in the US, or even worldwide? The answer seems to be both yes and no.

Some African countries, which use little fossil fuels and possess fertile grasslands, have the buy viagra where potential to produce nearly 37 times the amount of biomass energy than their current energy demands. The US, on the other hand, which has great potential to use abandoned lands since it has so much of it, in fact the most in the world, could only produce about 6% of national energy needs if 100% of the abandoned tracts were converted into producing biomass crops. Overall, about 8%, at best, of global energy demands could be met in this way.

So it is clear that biomass fuels are not the complete answer, but at least part of it. Hopefully it can supplement key industries or applications such as in the airlines, transport ships, and other highly polluting activities, leaving other renewables to power the balance.

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some is better than none
written by The Food Monster, June 24, 2008
Even if we start converting our abandoned land to energy, then we ease the strain on the power plants we already have. It just seems like this is a giant pie and all we need are various slices of buy cialis online energy production to produce the whole 100%
Premise: that they're using ethanol
written by Corban, June 25, 2008
These conversions are made under the premise that the output is ethanol. In that case, you need arable land. However, algae oil sidesteps that problem. Not only can you grow it on abandoned land, you could plausibly grow it in pipes on your rooftop, or skyscrapers, or just about any type of unused real estate directly under the sun.

Algae's turnover for Fuel/Land is also much quicker.

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