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JUN 24

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"I don't just talk about the buy tramadol cheap beauty of the earth, or the influence on g..."

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Google Earth Shows Deforestation's Graphic Reality

If you want to be depressed about the deforestation that is going on around the world, then Google's got the ticket for you.

If you happen to have Google Earth, you can take a look at the new layer, by David Tryse, showing the current status of forests around the world. Color coding shows how bad the cheap tramadol online state of ordering viagra online from canada these forests are in any given country. If you click on a country, a score card will pop up, giving you stats about the country, a counter of how many hectares have been lost so far this year (Brazil, arguably the worst country, has lost 1488590 hectares, and counting). It works similar to the pollution feature.

The charts also show if the country, even though cutting down trees, is replacing forest cover, whether through replanting initiatives or from growing natural forests. Unfortunately there's not a lot of great news, as most of the countries are losing forest much faster than they are being replenished, and even those new forest are weaker in biodiversity and the best place drug cialis can suffer from poorer soils resulting from erosion prior to replanting.

If being depressed about deforestation doesn't sound intriguing or you want to do something to counter it, Google Earth has other solutions, like buying a tree and watching it grow, sort of, on the website. And their reforestation feature is a little more optimistic.

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Erosion and Famine.
written by Ali S., June 25, 2008
Only when people are properly educated in those countries that are egregiously cutting down forests of trees for a quick buck and improper farming methods will they realize the impact they have. That their actions may contribute to factors that will lead to erosion of the land thus making it impossible to farm upon fruitfully. Add to that the growing world population and its demand for food will lead to wide spread famine. Worst of all is that this will inevitably lead to desertification of this land which is viagra online pharmacy currently irreversible.
It is really sad to see the find cialis on internet damage we do
written by Angela, June 25, 2008
I don't just talk about the beauty of the earth, or the influence on global warming but the ability of super levitra these countries to raise food as the land won't be fertile anymore

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