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JUN 27

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"I agree with Jacob, because I hate the buy levitra professional concrete jungle. and I'm all f..."

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Plan a Green Roof Safari for Summer Vacation

It’s Friday. It’s summer. And while I’m currently stuck inside a Lego block of a building with nearly no windows, my mind can still wander…onto a green rooftop! The best kind of vacation is one in which you learn lots, bring home cool stories, and have a great, unique time. Green Roof Safari provides just such a trip.

Green Roof Safari takes folks on tours of the best site levitra label different green roof projects across Germany and Switzerland. Visiting at least three roofs a day over six days, tourists can explore beyond just cool city streets, delving further into what the cities are doing up on top. The tours are lead by a knowledgeable staff. Christine Thuring has an M.Sc. from Centre for Green Roof Research and Jörg Breuning hails from Green Roof Service here in the US, so you’re sure to learn the ins and outs of the places you visit. Not only will the guides fill you in on details, but you’d also get a chance to talk about green roof issues with policy-makers, designers and researchers. Talk about heaven on earth for exploring EcoGeeks!

Tours are going on in September, which is cutting it a little close to viagra drug company get some discount plane tickets, but still enough time to take a week or two away. Green Roof Safari is just getting started, so be sure to consider them if you’re planning a European vacay, or spread the word to other greenies who are looking for something cool to do cheap levitra pills this year.

Green roofs are one bandwagon I’m eager to jump on. Not for myself, since it’s 100% impractical for where I live, but for supporting city folks who want to make a difference. I enjoy the buy generic viagra cialis cite for catching up on cool happenings, and Atom Cianfarani makes it look so easy. Next up, we’ll be hearing about green walls tours.

Via Treehugger; Photo via pnwra

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Green spaces
written by jacob, June 28, 2008
I remember reading about a psychological study done that shows men are more productive and happy in a workspace with more greenery. The effect on women was not nearly as pronounced, but looking out of the window into a forest of rooftops could be a good thing for white collar guys.
written by MarkR, June 30, 2008
I agree with Jacob, because I hate the concrete jungle. and I'm all for green roofs when they aren't being used as solar collectors. But man you've got to canadian pharmacies online cialis be a real eco-geek to want to go looking at green roofs on vacation.

Me I'd rather get as far from the city as possible. Where the only discussion of green roofs would be in conjunction to caves in the countryside.

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