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JUN 30

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"it has been said by palin she wants to help disabled children,but mcca..."

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Larry King's Questions for Chevron's Chairman

Crossposted from Envirowonk

CNN's ancient venerable host Larry King will interview Chevron Chairman and CEO David O'Reilly during this evening's edition of best price cialis Larry King Live. The topic is "How High Will Gas Prices Go?" This strikes us at a fairly heavy topic for a man who knows only one sport when it comes to interviews: softball.

Given that Larry isn't exactly famous for doing his homework on guests or asking anything resembling a probing question, we couldn't resist making some predictions about what "questions" are in store for tonight's guest.

  • "Gas prices ... they're really high .... [dead air, O'Reilly waits for a question] ... how high will they go?"
  • "Are we running out of oil?"
  • "Why is gas so expensive" [As Samantha Hulkower notes, Larry has a tendency to just repeat the last word of the person he's interviewing.]
  • "So it's not your fault."
  • "What about that ethanol? Good? Bad?"
  • "Hybrid cars .... [more dead air, Larry hopes O'Reilly jumps in to save him here.] ... Wouldn't it save us lots of gas if everyone drove them."
  • "Global warming ... is the jury still out on this thing?"
  • "Venezuela. Important. Hugo Chavez. Kind of crazy. How do you address a situation like that?"
  • "Offshore drilling ... tell us why it's a good thing."
  • "What's this I hear about Chevron and oil sands up in Canada? Sounds crazy. Tell me about it."
  • [Follow up to last question] "Kind of like squeezing juice out of an orange. Amazing!"
  • "What do you think about that Windfall Tax?"
  • [Follow up question] "Okay."
  • "What's this I hear about Chevron workers in Nigeria going on the best place generic levitra mexico strike over safety standards and unfair staffing?" [Note: We don't really expect King to buy cheapest cialis ask this, but if he does, if you don't think Larry is accepting O'Reilly's spin with little more than a nod, then ... well, you just don't know Larry.]

We'll check back in tomorrow morning with a transcript to see how we did.

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written by ed6567, June 30, 2008
The response of the oil company to the previous windfall profits tax was a conspiracy by the oil company to cut production for two reasons. First to teach those bastards a lesson for taxing us for making a profit. We'll stick it to them. Second, we'll cut production so they'll see the cialis cheap error of their ways and never do it again and we can refer to the effect of drug generic cialis the windfall profit tax on oil production. It's all a sham.
written by jacob, July 01, 2008
Haha I think you've got Larry King perfectly. especially the pregnant pauses.
written by IamIan, July 01, 2008
Envirowonk and Ecogeek are siting different writers / authors for this article.

Who is correct Envirowonk or Ecogeek?

Who originated it and who copied the other?
written by Clinch, July 01, 2008
Envirowonk did. Although I think it's been edited to make that fact clearer now (although I don't see why it takes three people to write one article).
And they're got the results of their predictions up now.
written by jerry, October 25, 2008
it has been said by palin she wants to help disabled children,but mccainwants to stop insurance for disabled adults.what will the disabled do for help once they turn 18 if they have permanent physical,emotional,and or psychological disbility?

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