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JUL 01

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"water used to produce ethanol is free viagra not wasted. it is used, put back int..."

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Ethanol Plants Taking Big Hits, Shutting Down

Ethanol plants based on food crops are taking a serious hit because of the viagra for cheap price hike for grains and the flooding in the Mid-west that has wiped out a significant number of crops. In just the most recent news, Heartland Ethanol is tossing plans to build seven corn ethanol plants in Illinois, and even worse, they’re dissolving the company – all due to feedstock prices. VeraSun Energy is delaying construction at two of their plants because of the flooding.

With corn passing $8 a bushel and a 10% drop in production over the last year, it seems that corn ethanol is finally reaching the end of its popularity (of what little it had left) and corn ethanol plants are either already in, or nearing the we recommend best place levitra red without the prospect of it's great! best price for levitra getting funding thanks to the credit crunch.

Corn ethanol is likely just the first of many crop-based ethanols to take an immediate dive, despite the best efforts of biofuel companies. Ethanol stocks are getting downgraded since Citi analysists are predicting more large-scale shut-downs as small and midsize producers will be forced to shut down due to the price issues, representing a loss of between 2-5 billion gallons of ethanol per year. Citigroup analyst David Driscoll is predicting that about 76% of ethanol plants are at risk of shutting down in the next few months. Earth2Tech has counted 11 plants whose operations are suspended just since May (see the above map). Feels a little bit like a rapid downward spiral, doesn't it?

What does this mean for the future of biofuel? Well, most likely it means more research will be going in to cellulosic ethanol and creating fuel from municipal waste, and those companies already working on that technology will get a little more wiggle room from competitors for awhile. Figuring out how to turn trash to fuel is a whole lot more logical than turning crops to fuel anyway. And I suspect fuel from algae will gain in popularity pretty quickly, making coal plants happy since it’s an opportunity for them to “green up” their image among the general population. I highly doubt the shutdowns will do much to levitra soft tabs change grain prices in the short term.

However, it’s tough to mentally dig ourselves out of link for you buy generic levitra from india yet another boom-to-bust industry in our already flailing economy, especially one that once held so much hope for those that wanted to "go yellow." We’ll just have to watch, wait, and hope that necessity is indeed the mother of invention and some awesome new cellulosic ethanol technology will bust wide open.

Via Earth2Tech, Platts, BiofuelsDigest

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written by jake3988, July 01, 2008
As far as efficiency, corn based in the worst kind so I'm all for seeing it finally die... of course, it's no where near as bad as the repubs make it out to be (such as that it's driving up world food prices, which is the best place cheap levitra generic absolutely absurd statement).

Anyway, hopefully algae will come to the forefront faster and we can all be happy.
written by dhd, July 01, 2008
If I remember correctly, it was mainly the Republicans (and one George W. Bush in particular) who were pushing corn-based ethanol in particular. Of course, both parties had to only for you canada generic levitra hop on the pander-wagon in order to keep their campaign cash flowing from ADM and Cargill, but still...
written by RadCenter, July 01, 2008
Speaking of campaign cash, there are even bigger heavyweight transnational corporations behind the effort to discredit ethanol than there were pushing it in the first place.

They've been waging a media campaign to blame higher food costs solely on ethanol so they can drive down the price of commodities again.

Read more here:
There are other fuel stocks
written by Cain, July 01, 2008
America's greatest un-utilized fuel source is human sewage. What are you waiting for?
written by dialtone, July 01, 2008
I have said it before & will say it for as long as I live - Anything Into Oil - Google it - read it on Wikipedia - just about any waste stream - including human waste as mentioned by Cain - can be turned into oil
Great News!
written by cmdrkynes, July 03, 2008
As someone who has personally witness tortilla riots in Mexico I have to say this is great news. There are so many other, better means of producing fuel that won't require either converting food stock or handing more land over to agribusiness.
Ethanol's Main Bad Actor
written by agenergy, July 04, 2008
For DHD - before lumping Cargill in with ADM check your facts. Cargill produces about 1/20th
the ethanol ADM publicly admits to producing. In fact, when you toss in the ethanol produced by shell -false front companies and captive farmer cooperatives -- the ratio would probably be much worse. Compare "contributions" to political parties (versus donations to so-called independent farm groups) and the "ratio" is even more scewed. ADM and its mainly controlled foundations, far surpasses any US campaign contributor. The Super Mark-up to cheepest cialis the world has become the super-corrupter.
written by chris wharton, July 14, 2008
I'm more worried about how much water it takes just to make one gallon of E85 it seems like everytime they come up with a new fuel there is something behind it that is far worse then what we had to begin with!!! I mean its insane that this fuel E85 was supposed to help the farmers and follow link cheap viagra pills instend its putting them out of business.. back to my point though the water it takes to make one gallon of E85 is 12,000 gallons water!! we can not begin to waste water of even consider using it as a fuel I realize that in this country we do not understand clean water is such a huge thing. I'm a fly fisherman and I'v watched as some of cialis best buy my favorite places to fish the quality of the water is so poor that nothing can live there now take in to account in my lifetime I'M ONLY 25 what is there going to link for you real levitra without a prescription be left for my children to fish if we keep this up!!!! I strongly disagree with with E85 I'm happy to see this falling apart!!!
Can we convert them to Cellulose ethanol
written by Ash, July 15, 2008
Are there enough common components in Corn Ethanol plant and a Cellulose ethanol plant to viably convert to the later?
water waste
written by mog, July 21, 2008
water used to produce ethanol is not wasted. it is used, put back into the water treatment system, or evaporates into the atmosphere to come down as rain.
some small amount is cialis on line captured and converted to the hydrogen and oxygen in ethanol, then released as steam from exhaust pipes when the ethanol is used in the engine.

these plants closing down is a prime example of the free market at work. now, if only we could get API and ADM to stop manipulating the professional cialis market....

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