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JUL 01

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New Cow Fat Motor Oil Biodegrades in Days

Green Earth Technologies, creator of organic engine products, has released their new automotive lubricant to its G-Oil line, a 10W-30 that has set a new biodegradability standard. The oil biodegraded over 90% in a speedy 9 days, blowing the 28-day rate of decomposition required by the American Society of Testing Materials out of tramadol best price the generic cialis non prescription water. Pretty impressive.

The oil, like the others in the line, is made from saturated fat from cows, which works great for high performance in engines. This new oil is order cheap levitra visa for 4-cycle off-road and generic viagra indian recreational vehicle engines and so helps out an eensy bit with the impact vehicles have when operated, though it’s not like these types of vehicles tend to be ultra green in the first place. And it also helps out an eensy bit with the waste from cattle processing, though that industry isn’t exactly very green either. But solutions like this are better than nothing, I give them that.

I think the part I like best is the rapid biodegradability of the product. And no, it doesn’t biodegrade while in your engine. Apparently, when mixed with G-DISPOSOIL, in just seconds used G-OIL is broken down into smaller molecules that are food for microorganisms in soil. You can then literally just pour it onto the ground. I know, the thought of pouring motor oil onto the ground still freaks me out a little bit, too, but apparently this stuff is perfectly safe for the soil. The other thing about the product I like is it won’t kill you. GET products pose no health risks, they don’t even recommend inducing vomiting should you take a swig. I suppose all it’ll do is buying generic viagra clog your arteries.

The new oil will be available nationwide in the fall of this year. And you don’t have to just be content with the oil, since they have quite a product listing of items based on animal fat.

Via GoodCleanTech, Coolest-Gadgets

And in case you're a keen observer, yes, I recycled the image from a previous post, but only because that cow is so cute with its little bell, how could we not want to where to get levitra see it again?

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written by Verda Vivo, July 01, 2008
While I'm no fan of how the cow fat is acquired in the first place, it gets a thumbs up for being biodegradable. I'm like you, though, I still would have a hard time pouring it on the ground. ~ Daryl
Good idea
written by Marty, July 01, 2008
This is a good use of cialis usa women dead cows. We could also make decent bio-diesel from them. Likewise, human dead bodies could be harvested of their fat and used to produce lubricants and fuel.
This is awsome
written by sciteacher, July 02, 2008
I am new to this web site and there is soo much great information here. I am a Science teacher and I will be sharing this with my students. Check out my new blog at;
This is stupid
written by Not and Eco Freak, July 02, 2008
probably doesn't lubricate for shit, not putting it in my expensive car. no thanks.
written by John Davis, July 03, 2008
Moooooo, Moooooo LOL, dude that is the funniest thing I have ever seen LOL
Where's the additives?
written by Ben, July 03, 2008
I won't be putting this in my bike. A large portion of what makes conventional motor oils so effective is the additives that are put in to prevent deposits and buying viagra without a prescription sludge. If this oil lacks them, it won't perform as well as a good conventional or synthetic oil. I'm all for saving the environment, but this seems like a good way to wear out my engine.
Did you even look at their website?
written by dwight, July 06, 2008
even better
written by Jennie, July 14, 2008
why not dodge the entire oil proplem in the first place. Ride a bicycle or walk. It's entirely eco friendly, affordable, and hey.. it's good for your health and no animals are slaughtered in the process or wars fought for a finite resource!
Why G-Oil is great....
written by Steve3, September 25, 2008
A couple of things to keep in mind about Green Earth Technologies G-oil...Those who are concerend about putting G-oil in their "expensive cars" since it might "wear out" their engine are sadly mistaken. Keep in mind, that in order for a product like this to best generic viagra be sold on the market it needs to pass VIGOROUS 3rd party inspection by the American Petroleum Insititute. The 2-cycle G-oil (in retailers) and 4-cycle g-oil (soon to be released) are comparable in performance to brand name motor oils in all key criteria. They wouldn't be selling it at Home Depot if the viagra generic drug product posed a threat to your engine. It costs no more than brand name oils and performs EQUAL to it's "petroleum based" competitors. Make sure to read up on the G-oil test results on before you make a quick judgment on these products. This is revolutionary stuff...
written by Ed Maxwell, January 12, 2010
It lubricates as well OR BETTER than Mobil One. It is API Certified severe rating.
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written by dissertation blog, February 12, 2010
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