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JUL 02

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"Electric power plant is OK. But the problem are the heavy battery. Wha..."

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Personal Electric Aircraft as the Future of Travel

A symposium in April held in San Francisco by the Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency (CAFE) Foundation brought together engineers, venture capitalists and members of clean tech companies to brainstorm the preferred method of levitra generic canada travel of the link for you buy viagra soft tabs future – personal electric airplanes.


Pipistrel is set to deliver the first commercially produced two-passenger electric aircraft by the end of the year, and could possibly lead a new wave of toys for the rich…but I highly doubt this will be the kick-off of the next preferred method of travel, as the attendees hope.


While the electric aircraft by Pipistrel are gliders, and therefore not allowed to fly under the same rules as light sport aircraft, the Federal Aviation Administration may change the rules, opening up the skies for more electric aircraft. Petitioning to overnight viagra alter government regulations to allow for more experimental aircraft to fly is one step light aircraft advocates are taking in their futuristic vision of switching travelers from cars to planes. The US likes the idea of lightweight stealth aircraft, but it isn’t so keen on personal electric airplanes, so the vision may be as difficult to achieve as it is pointless.


While a cool invention, personal electric aircraft are entirely impractical for the lofty goal of buy now cialis “revolutionizing” the way we get around. Advocates say that greening up small aircraft will make it better to fly than drive. I give them that, but still say that how we live is more important than how we travel, and creating urban settings that make it practical to bike, walk, take a short solar-powered bus ride, or telecommute is far better than ridiculously expensive personal airplanes, no matter how efficient they are.


Despite this, NASA is forking over $2 million over five years as rewards for contests held by the CAFE Foundation, incentivizing those who work to boost efficiency and reduce noise on personal air vehicles. Additionally, this year's contest includes its first Green Prize of $50,000 for a craft that achieves at least 100 miles per hour and the equivalent of 100 miles per gallon. These are important goals to work towards, yes, but for flight in general, not travel in general.


Supporters of these competitions want to prove air travel can be the greenest from of transportation. Sure, for distance transportation, but how on earth is purchase levitra online this a smart idea for daily to-and-from transportation? Richard Jones, a technical fellow at Boeing Phantom Works, believes that 20 years from now, precision navigation systems could make flying a compact plane easier than driving a car. "People will probably be reading a newspaper rather than flying the vehicles," he said. Um, I certainly hope not…both that people will be reading while flying, and that there will still be newspapers.



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written by Foraker, July 02, 2008
Until frequent rail travel is available, the only way to visit my rural-county relatives is to drive 4 1/2 hours. Wouldn't it be grand if I could fly an electric-powered aircraft and they could drive half an hour and pick me up in their efficient (electric?) vehicles. Saves an awful lot of wear on the roadways from here to there, eh?

Rail would be better, but it doesn't exist. There's already a local airport, so shouldn't that be an option until we get rail?
written by Clinch, July 02, 2008
Can't see this becoming a reality, mainly because it seems more of a hassle for short distance trips (shopping, work), which is what most people use cars for, and not everyone has room for a runway in their yard/garden.

And I can't see how they can be greener than an equivalent car, seeing as only need to cialis delivery in 5 days or less use energy to move themselves forwards, whereas planes also need to provide enough energy to keep themselves airborne.
written by bobk, July 03, 2008
Electric aircraft as an interesting effort and I wish them the best. I have to state that they have two major interrelated hurdles to overcome in order to become a true alternative. Weight (batteries) and duration (range). Until these are solved, electric aircraft will be a great "around the buy cialis pills online patch" recreational item, but not a true transportation option.

Personal aircraft are not necessarily as inefficient as most people assume. I am currently building a homebuilt aircraft, which as has been built by prior builders is rated at approx. 35 mpg. 160 mph/4.5 gal/hr. Much better than the Piper Cherokee that I currently own at 15 mpg. 120 mph/8 gal/hr.
written by Clinch, July 03, 2008
But how does your 35mpg aircraft compair to a car for space and weight?

If it only has space for 1/2 people(s) and no luggage/shopping, then you'd probably be better getting one of viagra lowest price those new cabin-enclosed-bikes.
written by bobk, July 09, 2008
It will have space for two persons (all that I ever carry), and up to 100 lbs luggage/cargo in 6 sq ft. My present plane, the Cherokee can (if they weigh less than 500 lbs total, carry 4, but at that point please leave the luggage home.

Please understand that the plane is a part of my total transport "portfolio". For trips of under 2 miles (limited to canadian levitra 50mg that distance by fitness/time so far) and without need for much cargo, I bike. For my work commute (20 miles), first I have negotiated telecommuting 2 days / week and use the motorcycle (50 mpg) for all but the worst weather the rest of the time. If I need to buy more than will fit in the free sample of viagra saddlebags or it is the aforementioned "worst weather", I use my Jeep Liberty CRD. Hope to be making my own biodiesel soon. Finally, for trips of over 150 miles, I pull out the plane.
Nonrequested Technology Submission / Gea
written by Carlos Barrera, February 16, 2009
Electric power plant is OK. But the problem are the heavy battery.
What about this project as a engine motor or generator:
The Gearturbine, power by barr, with retrodynamic dextrogiro vs levogiro effect, at non parasitic looses system. Details:
YouTube Video; Tech Tip Info - Gearturbine - Retrodynamic

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