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JUL 02

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Running America on Liposuctioned Fat

I've read two separate stories today about the potential benefits of burning human fat for energy. And while EcoGeek has, in fact, posted stories about running boats with human fat, and creating motor oil with cow fat...the idea is full of holes, and I'm hoping that the rather long article I read is a joke...I can't really tell.

But I wanted this to be clear...burning human fat is not a solution to the cialis canda energy crisis...for several reasons.

  1. There just isn't enough. All of America's excess fat combined (coming in at an average of 20 lbs per person) is enough to fuel America's car fleet for less than two days. (We burn 380 million gallons of gas a day.)
  2. It's extremely inefficient. We complain about the inefficiency of best buy for viagra corn ethanol, but imagine having to buy tramadol 100 take the extra step of getting converted into human fat, and THEN into's much cheaper and how can i buy viagra in canada more efficient just to make it straight from the plant.
  3. It's kinda mean. Yeah, it's a joke, but obesity isn't all that funny. It's like saying "we could burn cancer and heat homes!  HAHAHA!" It's only funny if you're drunk...or mean.

That's all, just wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page. It's a joke...and not a very nice one.

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written by Clinch, July 02, 2008
It seems to me that rather than being a joke, the story (while still not true) is kind of a publicity stunt, in trying to get people to think about the 'oil crisis' and cheap alternative fuels (although, in strange shock-value manner).

And I expect there are some laws about disposal of medical waste that might prevent this, but it does raise a good point, we can recycle most things, so why shouldn't we be allowed to cialis india pharmacy recycle the fat we don't want?

Burn Fat
written by Proud Human Supremacist, July 02, 2008
We might be able to burn our fat a lot more directly. It only takes about 45 Kcalories on discount generic levitra online my bicycle. I know it's not the same thing, but it seems to be a much more efficient way to burn our extra fat.

We might be able to find a better use for our fat. Soap or maybe lubrication.
written by boohoo, July 03, 2008
Didn't they do this in the Matrix?

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