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JUL 02

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"This should help your contestants and Ecogeek to better understand wha..."

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$4 Million in Prizes to Reduce Oil Consumption

In the face of $140+ barrel oil (and heading higher), peak oil, and global warming comes an ever-growing rally cry of "Freedom from Oil!"

For those fighting to achieve that freedom, another tool was just added to the arsenal: The Freedom Prize.

The Freedom Prizes will address the challenge of oil dependence using American ingenuity and the spirit of competition.

We will be awarding over $4 Million in Freedom Prizes to inspire Industry, Schools, Government, Military, and Communities to significantly reduce their use of oil, thereby promoting America's national security, economic prosperity and health.

At the moment, The Freedom Prize is us cialis soft creating the rule set - actual prizes won't come until fall 2008. And, $4 million spread across five categories (Industry, Schools, Government, Military and Community) won't necessarily take us that far. But, the X-Prize has not necessarily been about guaranteeing financing, but rather in providing visibility and motivation for a challenge, whether private enterprise, putting someone into space, or commercializing 100+ mile per gallon cars. And, the visibility provides education and knowledge for the very cheap cialis rest of genuine cialis online society.

While the prizes won't end America's addiction to oil, it looks like it could be $4 million very well spent towards awareness and inspiration. For the moment, The Freedom Prize is something to keep an eye on; who knows whether they'll prompt attention to some Silver BBs to help change the game for energy challenges.

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President, Peak Oil Associates Internati
written by Clifford J. Wirth, July 03, 2008
This should help your contestants and Ecogeek to better understand what the problem is.Global oil production is now declining, from 85 million barrels per day to 60 million barrels per day by 2015. At the same time demand will increase 14%. This is like a 45% drop in 7 years. No one can reverse this trend, nor can we conserve our way out of this catastrophe. Because the demand for oil is so high, it will always be higher than production; thus the depletion rate will continue until all recoverable oil is extracted. This is documented in a free 45 page report that can be downloaded and buy tramadol online distributed/ emailed:

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