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JUL 04

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Recycled Tires for Cell Phones

Whoa. Who needs triple lattes when there is Strapya World? Nothing gives a jolt of adrenaline to the system like a quick perusal of generic cialis what’s new in Strapya World, the Japanese company that designs cell phone gadgets. The company’s website is buy cialis a non-stop bombardment of Pokemon, Hello Kitty and Manga stuff for your cell phones.

Recently, the company came out with its phone strap-solar charger. The concept is a metallic holder on the phone strap recharges power from sunlight for your cell phone. That’s neat, but the practicality and utility of solar straps charging cell phones seems a bit too gadgety. If there is any charging going on with straps, it might be best to use dancing instead of the sun, of if you’re set on the sun, then using the Freeloader and Supercharger.

On a more practical level, Strapya has come out with a new accessory. “We made this with ecological ideas,” Strapya proudly proclaims for its cell phone case called “Zero.” “Zero” is made from used tire tubes remade as cell phone straps and holders. Prices range from $8 US for straps to $25 for holders. Like snowflakes, no two Zeros are the levitra gel same because the company uses hundreds of recycled tires and every tire travels down the road marking its own unique path. Talk about a one-of-a-kind accessory for your beloved cell phone.

Via StrapyaWorld, Crave

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Brilliant Idea
written by PlanetPinknGreen, July 05, 2008
Phone strap solar charger. That's awesome and makes perfect sense. With all new info coming out on the harmful affects of current cel phones, it's refreshing to see this. When are the big box companies going to start distribution? I'll definitely share this with my readers here:
Cool Green Products
written by Jeffrey, July 06, 2008
We just wanted to introduce everyone to our website, we offer green products. WE are a small company and do not have a huge ad budget. Hope you like the products.

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