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JUL 09

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World’s Brightest Solar Power Street Lamp is Earthquake-Ready

As a Californian, I can appreciate the new twist Sharp has put on their new streetlamps. Combining their solar PV modules with high-intensity long-life LEDs, Sharp is putting out two models of street lamps that are the world’s brightest – equaling the output of a regular 32 watt fluorescent security light that uses six CFLs. Not only is viagra england it the viagra online no prescription brightest light that is renewably powered, but it has a built-in seismic motion sensor that, so when Japan gets a quake higher than a 5 on the Japanese seismic scale, the lights automatically turn on full blast during night hours for two days, providing emergency lighting for areas where power is cut off.

While the sensors likely work just fine, I wonder how they’ll hold up during an actual earthquake when things tend to topple over and discount cialis break or get crushed. Nevertheless, the lights are perfect for emergencies, and as back-ups for power outages. Considering these great qualities, it seems they’d be perfect for parking lots and busy city streets that still get ample sunlight.

Additionally, they are reported to last 10 years with zero maintenance, only put out about 48 kg of CO2 emissions a year, contain no mercury, and don’t emit UV rays – sounds pretty green to me! If these work well, I hope to see them set up along the San Andreas Fault here at home, which is a likely possibility considering the popularity renewably powered streetlamps are gaining in greening California cities.

Via ecofriend, Far East Gizmos

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written by Pablo, August 01, 2008
If they are solar, why do they put out ANY CO2?
Last 10 years without maintenance
written by Leo, December 22, 2008
"Last 10 years without maintenance" - It's amazing for solar street lights. Which company do this project? It's great!
written by mahana, June 05, 2009
This conversation is going no where. It’s lacking the place of a good leader to head the things to come out on conclusion.
parking sensor

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