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JUL 11

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"anyone knows how much it costs?..."

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PC World’s Tech Chair Puts EcoGeek Spin on Deck Chair

It’s a Friday in the summertime and lounging is on the brain. All us pasty EcoGeeks would just love to get out and get a tan in geeky style with this concept lounge chair from PC world.

The major feature of the viagra no online prescription chair is that it is levitra doses solar powered, collecting energy so you can plug in all your gadgets because, apparently, a true geek cannot relax without their 4 million electronic gizmos gathered around them. The overhead shade maker is equipped with solar cells to power the docks for your camera, MP3 player, video recorder, GPS (I guess incase you forget where you are?) and laptop, plus there’s a gaming device holster, speakers, and WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. I have no idea how the creators will figure out how to get a few solar cells on a shade maker to power all this, but it’d be fun to test out a prototype!

The real benefit of the chair is that the novelty of it will make it that much easier to attract ecogeeky cohorts while sitting at (not too close!) poolside – that is, if you’re not too absorbed in playing with your gadgets.

Via Ecofriend, TheDesignBlog, Pocket-Link

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written by Andrew Leinonen, July 11, 2008
Right, because accumulating a massive quantity of electronic gizmos is sustainable.

nothing or something?
written by Dan, July 11, 2008
I suspect a "massive quantity" of gizmos wouldn't be well served by this thing. :/

But since everyone has a few anyway, this seems like a case of doing something being better than doing nothing...
has anyone here ever touched a solar pan
written by steven, July 11, 2008
they get really freakin' hot!

Why not have the panels on an adjustable umbrella. Then they can claim it has the ability to so shade as well. It has a billion features, but will not function comfortably as a chair.

NEXT innovation please!
written by The Food Monster, July 12, 2008
This may signal that the solar age is here, by putting solar cells on everything from laptop cases to deck chairs
Ahh.... but.....
written by Stephen Barnes, July 12, 2008
....have you ever left a gizmo out in full sunlight. After an hour the LCD screen will be black, the case will have melted and the viagra buying online insides popped: yes, sunlight has a lot of energy, but most of it arrives as heat, which gadgets tend not to like too much.

This chair needs an INSULATED box (at least a cover) to stop your gadgets from frying, preferably also with a lock to levitra online usa stop them walking when you nip up to the bar for a Pina Colada.
Green bullshit
written by No I will not give you my bloody name, why would I do that?, July 13, 2008
This is plain bullshit if they want to advertise this for being "green". Overall it would have saved a lot of emissions by connecting it to the grid. Making solar panels requires a lot of energy. It pays off after a few years, but it's not like you're going to use it 24/7 for years to come. Overall it will damage it.
da boss
written by alex, March 17, 2009
anyone knows how much it costs?

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