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AUG 22

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"I agree with all this green tech/andsystems,no doubt we all agree that..."

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Insane Dutch Design, Ridiculous English Reporting, Excellent Top Gear Segment

Quotes from the video below:

"I am in a miniature, road-going, fighter plane!  I want guns strapped to cialis levitra sales the side of this, something that fires missiles maybe."

"Absolute Hand on heart, I've never had so much fun in a car"

"He is my partner...and also my lover"

The Carver goes 115 mph, has one motorcycle tire, two car tires, banks into turns and 5mg cialis gets about 47 mpg.  Currently they cost around $40,000, but they're aiming for a $18,000 pricetag and a hybrid version on the horizon.  You get the climate control and comfort of a car, with the mileage and fun of a bike. I don't realy know why I want one so bad, but it looks like amazing fun.


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Convulsion Conversion
written by Uncle B, May 21, 2008
Now can you see the average one-person per-car commuter working off their frustrations with this thing on the freeways? Combine with it a depleted Uranium super battery and a turbo charged, bio-diesel battery charger and you've got my $ every time!
written by H Crosby, March 29, 2009
I agree with all this green tech/andsystems,no doubt we all agree that we should have done all this from the 70's at least,but the oil cartels would have just let us do it from then?! i wonder. Any way good luck with this site and with luck it isnt too late to get this planet back to "eden" status

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