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JUL 15

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"You got a new shiny iPhone...That's Great ! But what about your old ..."

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Green Gadgets Shown To Be Eco-Hazards

With everyone and get propecia cheap their mother jumping onto the green bandwagon, we’re bound to have a whole bunch of non-sustainable junk items pawned off as “green” by the loosest of standards, and a whole bunch of greenwashing. It’s something we have to be wary of buy cheap generic cialis and keep a diligent eye out for posers. An art project, “Subverting the Green Aesthetic,” helps us remember this and gives us a few IDing skills.

Creator Nick Bampton is a design student in Middlesex who encourages people to buy levitra take a closer look at green labels through his project of pairing green and un-green products with graphics that show there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the details of so-called green products. For instance, he shows two MP3 players, one that looks like it has sustainability on the brain, but in actually can’t be recycled, can’t be upgraded, and toxic substances are used in its manufacturing. The other MP3 player looks sleek in a non-sustainable way, but is more durable, can be upgraded, and recycled.

We seriously dig this here at EcoGeek, since one of the we choice viagra doses greenest things to do is order viagra online make what you have last as long as possible, and if you have to get rid of it, recycle. Gadgets that are made to be unfixable or disposable – especially when they’re supposedly “green” or from a “green” company – are just completely uncool and are the essence of greenwashing.

Bampton pulls the same comparison trick with a pair of chairs and several other objects. This kind of only best offers cheap levitra online prescription project is a good reminder that there are a whole slew of factors that go into evaluating the sustainability of products that claim a green lineage.

Via Ecofriend, Inhabitat

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written by Clinch, July 15, 2008
I've said it before, and I'll say it again, 'cradle to grave' (and by that, I mean greenness of a product shouldn't be based on canadian cialis for sale greenness of use, but of manufacture, lifetime and disposal as well)
written by Green Authors, July 16, 2008
Most of the packaging scares me off before I even buy green gadgets. If a gadget the size of a mp3 player is packaged so it will fill my garbage can then I don't need it!

It's not often that I buy a green product that uses recycled packing material or material that can be recycled.

IMHO, most electronic gadgets are not needed and no prescription viagra sale labeling them as green so people buy them creates a circle of it's cool cheap cialis online fools.
Add Hybrid and Electric Cars to the List
written by Richard, July 16, 2008
Hybrid and electric cars with their batteries, they may even have a larger ecological footprint. The reality is their is no such thing as a green car except maybe a Hotwheels.
written by Alex, July 16, 2008
Nope, Hotwheels can't recycle, and they're made in China. Who knows what junk got put into the sky making them? Get real, Greenies, eating food makes an ecological footprint, wearing clothes does too. wanna breathe? Oh, don't forget the CO2 that you're emmitting. Better exhale on a plant so your poisonous gasses don't melt the cheap cialis with fast delivery polar bears. We'll always make a 'footprint' just as any other animal will.
written by John Roberts, July 16, 2008
Just goes to ordering tramadol to canada show not all things are as they appear! LOL

written by i lasered my pubes, July 16, 2008
Global warming saves on the cost of heating, and higher fuel prices mean less drive-by shootings, it all works out in the end
written by david, July 16, 2008
Oh God..."From Cradle to Grave" you must be kidding? Now I have to not only feel guilty about my carbon footprint but what I throw in the trash? Wow now I understand the current dig on digg....

They do the homework for you..
written by Aaron, July 16, 2008
Check out
written by nate, July 16, 2008

No, don't "feel guilty." Feeling guilty doesn't accomplish anything.

Why wouldn't you think about what you throw out? Your 'waste' is _part_ of your carbon footprint. Check out this interview from Alternet:
amazing green home
written by dddfff, July 17, 2008
You guys have got to check out this site.
These ecofirnedly homes have the ability to ROTATE... yes, you can change your scenery and follow the course of the sun (at least that's their pitch).

Here is link from world's extreme homes, wow...
Save the World...
written by Sustainability Savior, July 17, 2008
There is a new idea called cradle to cradle in which a item is created and then can be reuse/recycled into another product completely removing the try it levitra samples grave aspect of an item..

Also true "green" items are certified by the government or well known environmental third parties.

Also the idiot above..yes everyone has a footprint but the key is to limiting your footprint. Learn look here and fill it out.
written by kim, July 17, 2008
let's not be greenwashers...let's be real and do what is right by mother earth...

Calculate your carbon footprint:
Donate iPhone for Eco Friendly Environme
written by DONATE iPhone, July 29, 2008
You got a new shiny iPhone...That's Great !

But what about your old iPhone? Don't recycle your mobile...

and Don't worry, just DONATE at

There are millions of people waiting for this...

just do it...

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