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JUL 15

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"I'd be more interested in seeing non-fuel based flight options in the ..."

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DOT Puts Up $500,000 for Alternative Jet Fuels Competition

The US Department of Transportation is putting up some stakes for getting green jet fuel out on the market. DOT and the obtain viagra without prescription Federal Aviation Administration together are giving $500,000 to nonprofit X Prize Foundation in order for them to develop a competition to get private industry thinking creatively about renewable jet fuels and best doses for propecia technology for aviation. Private sponsors will help to fund a significant prize for the winner of the competition – a purse carrying as much as $10 million. That’s a pretty attractive carrot to dangle in front of levitra super active private industry – and I’m sure Green Flight International will have a leg up on the competition.

The X Prize Foundation has been wrangling with the DOT and FAA for this competition since the order tramadol without prescription mid-90s, so it must be a sweet relief to finally be moving forward. The nonprofit will talk with aviation industry experts over the next 14 months to figure out rules, structure, and the prize, hopefully launching the competition by 2011. Once the competition is launched, they’re looking at about 5 years for development, with a winner coming out around 2016. Seems slow as snails to no 1 canadian online pharmacy me, especially considering the leaps and bounds being made in alternative fuels, but I suppose in reality – and not Generation Now speed – that’s still a pretty brisk clip for developing this new technology, especially if they’ve been pushing since the ‘90s to get this off the ground.

And this isn’t the only competition the X Prize Foundation has going on - it’s actually their fifth. They held the Ansari X Prize for private suborbital space flight which was won in 2004, they have the current $10 million Archon X Prize for Genomics, the $30 million Google Lunar X Prize, and the $10 million Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize for energy-efficient vehicles. For the latter competition’s prize, DOT granted X Prize Foundation $3.5 million to educate young people about fuel efficient autos. So after looking so intently at the cialis online without prescription ground, we’re going to see some attention paid to the sky.

Via cnet; Photo via Bcorreira

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A fun competition
written by The Food Monster, July 16, 2008
Even without the money, this would be a fun job to be on a team that helps develop this.
Other options?
written by Chris Gammell, July 17, 2008
I'd be more interested in seeing non-fuel based flight options in the future. I know that technology is free levitra sample an iterative process, but why not reward some leaps and bounds? Isn't that what they did with the Ansari X prize?

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