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JUL 16

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"At such a small scale of only 1.5 lites a night from the dew collector..."

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High-Tech Water Collection Cuts through Fog

When I’m alone in the wilderness, I like to imagine what I’d have to do only today viagra attorneys to survive if I found myself in dire straits. I’d eat gnats and toads and catch rainwater using a low-tech system I’d devise with Maple Leaves, rocks, fishing line, and a canteen. Or, I could just bring the fog and dew harvesters designed by British inventor Alon Alex Gross. (Given the stack of evidence against my survival skills, this is probably a good idea.)

Gross’s prototype is more efficient than its predecessors because it’s made of lightweight, modern materials and is far more high-tech. Now, contemporary castaways can connect Goss’s collector to no prescription the Internet to determine the best spot to catch moisture and to monitor the device from afar. (Waaay cooler than my fancy water pump.)

The invention isn’t just for spoiled Westerners; afar, those who are unfamiliar with high-tech gadgetry can use it to collect clean drinking water. The device may prove a boon in the water-scarce Third World, where disease and infection borne through contaminated drinking water are a leading cause of death. It is a whole lot cheaper than some of the fancy-schmancy water collectors we’ve seen lately, hanging out instead with the other easy-to-use concepts.

Goss’s dew collector weighs less than a pound and can collect just under half a gallon per night. It features a special laminate foil that attracts dew, and a sensor that reacts to atmospheric changes and i use it viagra soft tabs opens/closes the device, depending on conditions. His fog harvester can collect just over 2.5 gallons in 24 hours.

Via TreeHugger

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Price Tag
written by The Food Monster, July 16, 2008
What's something like this going to buy levitra online viagra run me? Would this be cheap enough to own for a few camping trips a year. Is it packable and portable on foot? Or is this destined to just be used in Third-World countries.
written by Clinch, July 16, 2008
At such a small scale of only 1.5 lites a night from the dew collector, and the cialis for cheap lack of fog in most drout ridden countries (except those bordering on the sea), it seems that these would only be suitable for camping, although it's good to modern technology being applied to old ideas, perhapse these could be made on a larger scale for drout ridden villages, or emergency situations when the water has been cut off.

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