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JUL 23

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"Well, if you're going to have an island to yourself I guess you might ..."

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Johnny Depp's Island to be Solar and Hydrogen Powered

I don't spend a lot of time thinking about celebrities. I'm generally more interested in professors at MIT than actors in Hollywood. But every once in a while, our friends at Ecorazzi will post something that catches my eye.

Apparently Johnny Depp bought an island for around $3,000,000 a while back. And, since there aren't exactly power lines running to the tiny island, he had to figure out how to power his (ridiculously posh) home. For the green-minded Depp, diesel generators just weren't an option.

So he turned to Mike Strizki to help him build a system that would produce enough power to quench his celebrity-born thirst for decadence while not throwing off massive amounts of the best place viagra from india greenhouse gas. The result is a solar system that stores excess energy as hydrogen for use at night, or during cloudy times of day (not too common in the Bahamas, but still.)

The system, to me, seems vastly inefficient. Hydrogen gas is terrible at storing energy in a small space unless it can be compressed a great deal. But Strizki's system uses propane tanks to keep costs low. The result is that 10 thousand-gallon propane tanks are needed to store enough hydrogen to get the island through the night. You can see a video of his less exotic system (in New Jersey) here.

Power storage for renewable systems is a huge deal. But this strikes me as a rather inelegant solution. But a high pressure tank would be costly, and of course require an energy-hungry compressor. So maybe Depp's system is the levitra no doctor best we're going to get.

In any case, it's hard to call any of this green when the excesses of owning your own island are so obvious. But I suppose it's better than complete disregard for the environment..

Via Ecorazzi

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Rich is not bad
written by Paul, July 24, 2008
It's not bad to be rich (I'm not), or excessive to own an island. Green means not damaging long term, or damaging commons. The island isn't commons. Good on him and the criticism is a little harsh hank. Capitalism is the way, just not at the expense of the commons. Praise is needed here I belive, just praise. Just cause you don't share doesn't make you a polluter.
written by Anthony, July 24, 2008
you know we live in a fucked up world when you have people saying it's not excessive to own your own island.
written by IamIan, July 24, 2008
The 100% green powered island is very green.

Excessive does not make it less green.

While I would not have chosen Hydrogen storage myself... this home ,island or not, is far greener than anything I have... And I suspect far greener than 99% of the rest of cheapest generic levitra the population.

I applaud and and offer a pat on the back for Depp spending his money making it so green and renewable energy... I wish everyone was so willing to do the super active levitra same for renewable energy.
written by Jelly, July 24, 2008
How is owning an island any more excessive than owning a farm? Plenty of people buy property like that because they like the scenery or the atmosphere or whatever.

Sure, it costs more money, but that's partly because of things like access and the fact that you have ocean views completely surrounding you.
written by charmac, July 24, 2008
The excess isn't in owning and island, the excess is putting a giant house with an extravagant power supply on the island. Building is one of the worst sources of pollution and waste, and building a giant house (and no doubt docks, water tanks, septic tanks, etc, etc) on an island where everything has to be shipped has to be pretty awful. And how do we run all of this stuff? With an elaborate "green" power source that likely takes more energy and cialis price 100 mg releases more carbon to create and ship than would a traditional and much smaller system. After all, this system will be in use for what, 10-20 years before it gets upgraded to something else and landfilled? Building isn't green, and building on an island is less so. Doesn't matter how thickly you green-wash it.
hydrogen storage
written by parmitage, July 24, 2008
You're right that hydrogen is terrible at storing energy in a small space, and it's also had to transport over large distances for the same reason. However it's a very efficient way of storing energy compared to batteries, flywheels etc, so is fine for the kind of levitra india use here - close to the point of production.
Utsira and the Shetlands are other islands (not owned by individuals) with this system.
Personally, I love it
written by Gustavion, July 24, 2008
It may not be the ideal solution to the future of energy but it is a good step for a few reasons. It supports the green movement by a big name celebrity in a big way. It will be more green than diesel powered generators. Plus, if he has the money, let him do what he wants with it.
how about..
written by GeologyJoe, July 24, 2008
how about just going to bed when it gets dark?

Really... Not Green...HMMM
written by FFinkus, July 24, 2008
Hey charmac, I understand your concern for a part of the world that is already pretty green. Here is my question how would you feel if someone less green than Depp bought this Island and put a huge gas powered generator on this Island. Beacuse that is what probably would have happened if Depp didn't buy it. Your porbably right though I mean not everyone lives in a enviromentally friendly vacuum like you.
written by Duane Storey, July 24, 2008
For all you complainers, what would you have wanted him to do? I think what he should be commended for taking the steps to go green. There are plenty of islands leased all over the world, and simply owning it doesn't make it excessive. I think he's aiming to be carbon neutral, which we all should be. Instead of complaining about what type of tanks he did, why don't you go to your own house and start making it green instead.
written by John C. Randolph, July 24, 2008
Why do you all think it's any of your business what somebody does with his own property?

depp is green
written by tom, July 24, 2008
thats a nice island, idk about effiency
written by Drewts, July 24, 2008
Hey Charmac! What do you consider Excess? You know lots of generic levitra for sale people on the planet - actually MOST of them would consider your life to be full of excess!! Why? Just having internet access shows you're far beyond more than 1/2 the people on this planet. Should they all dump on you because you live better than they do? Maybe the indian cialis generic question in your mind is more about people who have more than you being evil? Guess what? You'll probably ALWAYS have more than most people in this world too. That doesn't make you evil though. You say building isn't green - and I guess you live in a hole? (With internet access obviously.) How about this Charmac - learn about Zero Energy Design - which has been around since 1979 at least. NO POWER to HEAT OR COOL your home just about anywhere on the planet except near the very extremes of the Earth (read near the poles). How do you know how he's building his home? Maybe he's incorporating zero energy design in the construction of his home as well - this would require a MUCH smaller solar/hydrogen system. Also he might be growing much of his own food on the island as well. Wouldn't the whole world be a better place if everyone took the time AND MONEY to do these things? OR MAYBE some "Environmentalists" are really just communists who want to tear down capitalism any way they can - in subtle and open ways. I suggest you're more a commie than you are someone who wants to help the planet... "building" being "not green" - I guess we'll all move in with you in your pathetic hole. You're a commie - go drink your state made vodka and leave the viagra prescription "real improving the world" to capitalists who have the resources to actually IMPROVE this planet - for everyone - including your sorry commie butt.
I drive a suburban and I'm Greener than
written by Andy, July 24, 2008
I don't fly around in Jet Planes and consume millions of dollars in luxury goods, how much energy and resources were burned in creating Johnny's Solar Panels and sending them via SHIP to a remote island?
Leave the man alone
written by Phy, July 24, 2008
He didn't steal the island, he bought it fair-and-square.

I like to put myself in the other guy's shoes. He's a high profile actor who produces quality picture after quality picture and he's earned his paycheck. If I were a high profile actor with a history of run-ins with paparazzi and the wherewithal to buy my own island, I would, too. And I bet you might consider it, as well.

As far Johnny Depp's island is concerned, it's his island, not ours. We should mind our own business and click now get viagra online leave him to his.
written by Brian, July 24, 2008
sounds like Hank is a little jealous. Good on ya Johnny, I applaud your efforts.
No More Mansions, Please
written by Jon, July 24, 2008
The excess is building an absurdly large home. A home is just a shelter. No one needs a castle or a palace for shelter.
Hey Suburban Driver Andy
written by Drewts, July 24, 2008
Hey Andy,
You're complaining about how much energy was burned to create SOLAR PANELS???!!! REALLY???!!! How is the world supposed to get green you way Andy? Go sit in a hole with Charmac - your body heat together will keep you warm. As far as the energy used to ship panels and all else - I guess you assume he only uses his money to buy things you don't approve of effect of levitra on women (like solar panels and other evil things) - how do you know he hasn't offset his footprint long before he even started this project? You don't have a clue - if you had his income I guess you wouldn't spend any of it - because your green. Comments like your will make people think 'green' = idiot.

written by Bee, July 24, 2008
I don't know if wind turbines were a consideration but it seems like a good compliment to the solar panels. I guess it could be that maintenance was an issue in which case solar wins every time.
written by Seth, July 24, 2008
you guys are just jealous of his island, like y'all wouldnt want you're own tropical island with a big mansion on it, either way, like johnny depps little tiny ass island would make such a significant amount of pollution anyway.
written by NME, July 24, 2008
Sounds like he got it for a steal. Sure...owning an island is excessive, but if I had 3 Mill...I would do the same. Invite all the haters, and boot everyone you dislike into your lion's den.
Getting there
written by Brian, July 24, 2008
How do you guys think he gets to his island? Walking? sailboat? Think of all the damage he does flying in his private jet or helicopter
green = idiot
written by anti green, July 24, 2008
If you guys REALLY cared about the earth then you should all jump into a burlap sack and I would gladly push you into the ocean. That way your 'footprint' would be next to nothing.
No more island
written by Denis, July 24, 2008
You guys haven't considered that our oceans are predicted to rise and that this island
will get flooded. The picture indicates most
land is close to sea level

So it may all be moot what he has installed
written by dan, July 24, 2008
haha, yeah, the idea of him sailing there is hilarious.

he's in full jack sparrow getup in my mind, of course.
written by dean collins, July 24, 2008
what a bunch of whiners.

he bought his island fair and square and is now implementing a self sustaining system fair and square.

if you have a pc and internet access you are doing better than most so should they be complaining you are wasting power by using your pc instead of a communal pc.

what a bunch of loosers - some of you are way jealous....but thats because he's doing something with his life and probably spending more on renewable energy than you ever will.

suck it babies.

written by Drewts, July 24, 2008
Right on Dean! Either be part of the solution (which means put your money where you mouth is and help the alternative renewable power solutions) or shut the f*ck up!
Excessive consumption versus excessive j
written by Olive, July 24, 2008
My we have some 'green with envy' action here. If any one read beyond Hank's blurb, you might have discovered the tramadol us pharmacies overnight following:

1. It's a 35 acre island. 35 acres is NOT excessive. Many folks own 35 acres of land and way way more. So the land is an island, so what?

2. The house was on the island when Mr. Depp bought it. He's reusing it folks, that's a good thing, remember?

3. The island is on the edge of the Little Cays in the Bahamas which is protected land and reef. He can't use big boats or helicopters to get there. Only small craft.

I say give the guy a break, He's constantly hounded by fans and the press and deseerves some peace. But he's gone and done a decent thing with his little slice of privacy and bought an experimental power system. Let Mike Strizki build this and cialis canada see if it can be refined or improved. Johnny Depp can fund the R&D with his 'walking around money'!
written by Sarah, July 24, 2008
First of all, to the person who asked why this was any different from a farm, people who have farms generally have farm animals like chickens. When the chickens lay their eggs they can sell them to local markets or whatever they choose. What good is JD doing with his little island?
Second, is JD doing this because he's "eco friendly" or because he can't get power lines to the island?
Last, for whatever reason JD is going green with his island it is a good thing and I support that
written by chico, July 24, 2008
At least he is trying to be somewhat efficient. You treehuggers always have something to complain about YET no readily available solution. Coulda been worse if he went with fossil fuel burning and polluting generators!
written by Frank Quednau, July 24, 2008
Mate, he lives on a frikkin island on his own, I don't think there is ANY issue for him to have 10 tanks standing around somewhere...
In other news..
written by xx, July 24, 2008
Island owned by Johnny Depp bursts into flames.
written by Marc Savoy, July 24, 2008
In any case, it's hard to call any of this green when the excesses of owning your own island are so obvious

At first I was in total disagreement with your statement. But I then came around to your point of view because the source of energy Jonhny Depp made were not by choice or principle but because they were his only alternative other than not having any power at all.

Being green means much more than simply a clean energy source. It means choosing technologies that are pollution-free renewable energy sources that others can emulate for themselves.
"commie" Are you kidding me?
written by Loosely_coupled, July 24, 2008
@Drewts, J

For god sakes, give it a rest you moron.
I may not agree with the person's comment either, but it doesn't give you the right to go around shouting "commie" --- Which BTW, reveals to all of us the viagra uses nature of your intellect and no doubt extensive education.
Vietnam travel
written by Vietnam travel, July 25, 2008
I was here last month. Totally perfect experience!
written by G, July 25, 2008
He should have shipped propane over to put in his propane tanks. It's clean burning and has a low carbon footprint.
Johnny Depp
written by Thomas Ward, July 25, 2008
Owning a 35-acre island is no different than Angelina Jolie purchasing $5 million worth of cialis tablets land to set up a wildlife sanctuary. Heck, she even owns her own property in the area!

Sure, owning your own island may seem a bit extreme, but let's place this into perspective. I am sure there is a lot of wildlife on that island and now they will all be protected by its green-minded owner. Isn't wildlife conservation part of being "green"?
written by Jacob, July 25, 2008
I guess owning it isn't excessive, since as Thomas Ward above me said - Angelina Jolie owns a wildlife sanctuary - but going there and living like a first world citizen is. If he takes a bath on the Island, where does the soapy water go? If he wants a sandwich on the Island, how does it arrive there? Living on the mainland reduces the impact of stuff like this by economies of scale. Unless he plans on kyaking there, then hunting his own meat and cooking it before sleeping in a tent, it will be a much higher eco-footprint than the rest of us.
You can pay more than that for a London
written by Danny Staple, July 26, 2008
I take Jacobs comment on, as living there may have quite an impact, but considering he could have bought some pokey central London or New York place for the same money, where all the food, clothes, technology and viagra for sale no proscription other goods are mostly imported anyway (what you think anything more than service based wheel spinning goes on here? No primary goods are produced in London AFAIK), and the opportunity of growing your own food (which you may be able to do on the Island) is limited to a tiny garden or window sill, I actually think you could achieve a greener lifestyle on the Island.
Now if you are jetsetting to and from it very often, this has the impact that all air travel will.
I think this is a good effort to balance out a lifestyle that would have been equally excessive had it been played out in London or New York. If I had the space, money and the sun to build such a system (or even owned the roof my leasehold flat was under) then I would gladly look into building it.
written by Armchairadmiral, July 27, 2008
My, my sounds like maybe the term eco-nazi is somewhat accurate. I have become interested in the green movement because I believe we should all try to do what we can to conserve and protect our environment. I don't subscribe to the "it's all mankind's fault" cult mentality because there are many factors involved in climate change and I believe most are naturally occurring, however pollution and waste are things we can and should try to reduce and eventually eliminate.
The extremists who deride folks like Johnny Depp and viagra price online others who are fortunate enough to have wealth and decent enough to want to use some of it to help the green movement, only serve to anger and alienate those people and folks like myself who are skeptical but still willing to make some effort. I am convinced that with most of you eco nazis, its more about jealousy and control than true concern for the planet and it's people. Keep it up and you will only serve to drive many away and herbal alternative to cialis deter many others from becoming involved in any meaningful way.
written by richie, July 27, 2008
What you guys may or may not realise is that it's the elephant in the room, population, that will get us, long before we run out of oxygen, and no-one feels comfortable talking about that - politicians particularly. So it doesn't matter what the good mr Depp does on his chosen piece of land. We farm avocados here on the lush north coast of Australia, been fully organic for the last 20 or so years and we still have a carbon footprint as we have to obey the conventions and get produce to markets, creating food-miles and using valuable oil products to do it.
So all you can really do 'til the "crunch" comes is keep your own little corner healthy and good to live in; try to set an example for others by your own deeds and actions. It's not hard really, just requires some application and a desire to make it work. It ain't rocket science, the principles have been around forever. So keep rearranging the deckchairs.
written by Pablo, July 29, 2008
This is ALL George Bush's fault! WAAAAA!
ITA on the over-population 800lb gorilla
written by Sharky, July 29, 2008
I disagree that owning his own island makes Depp excessive. After all, in a truly green world, there would be plenty of space available since the human population would be controlled by natural means. It is cheap oil and where to buy viagra immigration policy failures among the 1st world that is almost exclusively to blame for there being as many people as there are. I have a much bigger problem with the level of reproduction within the 3rd world environment and their constant striving for the lifestyle of the 1st than I do for some actor who understandably wants to separate himself from such madness. WTG Depp! Keep it clean.
space? who cares...
written by astjohn, July 31, 2008
hydrogen storage
written by parmitage , July 24, 2008
You're right that hydrogen is terrible at storing energy in a small space, and it's also had to transport over large distances for the same reason. However it's a very efficient way of storing energy compared to batteries, flywheels etc, so is fine for the kind of use here...

Exactly... who cares about space when you have an entire island? ;)
written by Pablo, July 31, 2008
We won't know what the best solutions are to green energy sources unless people go out there and TRY them, like Depp is doing. Gasoline powered engines weren't the most efficient way to power the wow it's great cialis online doctor early cars (among several options), but somehow won everyone over early in the 20th century. Give Depp credit for:
1. Using his celebrity to promote going green.
2. Experiment with a technology that has its risks.
3. Economically supports people who are making these green systems.
4. Has reduced his carbon footprint, after all.

IF he is a typical hollywood-type (in most ways, it seems he's not), his lifestyle (jetting around, etc) doesn't compensate much for this small effort. But we don't know that or have proof, at least not from this article.

Did anyone mention that this system is probably QUIETER than a diesel generator? Maybe THAT'S why he did it!
written by Luc Briere, August 04, 2008
What wrong whit you Eco-Ayatollah? You have the leisure to chat on internet about Ol'Jonny green rank because your father and fore-father use the land to create wealth. If that wasn't for them, you would be out there scrounging for food... mind you we would have to listen to your constant moaning, you Green Truth Servant!

Read Ritchies comments again! Living in a tent, growing your own food; how many dead on this Earth? Why should Third World countries population limit their wealth growth? On what ground can you pretend to force them do to so?

Being Green also means acting accordingly in your everyday life… so shut down your computer, because the type of chatting you do is totally useless in consideration to the constantly growing population of this Earth and it use energy! Please be Green.

Luc Bee
Give the man a break for Christ's sake!!
written by Amelia, December 01, 2008
Ok, this guy bought his own land. To get away from it all, much like you may have bought a summer home, or own a place at a ski lodge. and everyone's only problem seems to be that he gets full and complete privacy! are you all jealous or something?
And it's not like he's buying this island and doinf all this crap to it. He's putting in eco-friendly engery!!!
And having an island being "EXCESS"?!? You all having Summer homes is excess, and taking a month long vacation to Canada is excess, and going to a ski lodge for a week to get away is excess! The only diff between all these excess things and him owning an island is the fact that there's no way the average person can own an island.
So you all need to give Johnny his Congrats on deciding to go Eco Friendly on his energy, and then Bugger OFf!
written by Tom, June 26, 2009
I am so tired of this new generation of people criticizing everything they see...didn't your parents teach you "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" --- we need to bring spankings back
written by Tom, June 26, 2009
excess is a word for the poor!
written by ryan, August 07, 2009
im way jelous,,,though there is no need 2 buy an isalad,,,he has 2 massive boats,,,5 houses,,,
so he shold try 2 be green,,
but as we no its all a big toss,,that is just 2 make ourselves feel better,,,green is good,,,but fuk you been 2 a moajor city lately....its 2 late ,,,the earth is doomed allready,,,the only thing that will stop emitions,,,is running outa oil!!!!!

fuf if i had his money,,,ide buy way better shit than an isalnd...
like a 2 million dollar watch for starters,,,a team of high class escorts,,,a personal hit man,,,,etc etc,,,heheheh.
this is the first and last comment ill make online...because my pc isnt solar powered you fuking morons///
get life.
written by Millie, April 15, 2010
Sounds absolutely idyllic - a true tropical hideaway!
written by Mark at anger management for children, August 18, 2010
Why do people have to be so abusive when they hide behind a PC..?? I'm with Millie on this - sounds great.
written by Anger Management For Kids, August 31, 2011
Well, if you're going to have an island to yourself I guess you might as well use solar power...

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