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JUL 29

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"I need to know what the cost is of leaving the average flat screen mon..."

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Would You Like a Little Bamboo with Your Hard Drive?

External hard drives are a dime a dozen today. If one were eco-friendly almost to the point of being extreme, would that make a difference in your shopping habits? That is what Fabrik is about to find out with the launch of its SimpleTech [re]Drive, priced around $200.

So what makes the [re]Drive so eco-friendly beyond the cialis overnight delivery without prescription usual energy efficiency, etc? Fabrik has gone and made this product from materials considered green, designing it using recyclable aluminum and bamboo. The end result is that this drive actually looks pretty cool. Beyond the earth friendly construction, the [re]Drive also reportedly has packaging made from recyclable materials and is Energy Star Level 4 qualified. This can offer up to 30% greater power savings over non Energy Star drives, says Fabrik.

This drive also powers on and off with the computer and makes uses of the aluminum enclosure like a heat sink to cool the interior. There are other eco-friendly factors, but you get the general idea. And, for the specs people in the crowd, the [re]Drive offers 500GB of storage capacity (a bit smaller than the “eco-friendly” Kanguru) and uses an enhanced USB 2.0 interface for faster data transfer speeds. It also comes with its own backup software.

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Bamboo Accessories
written by Thom, July 29, 2008
See also the bamboo mouse and keyboard:
written by Jessie Carty, July 29, 2008
I would definitely consider buying that! I love the look and the features. But I should probably make good use of the one I already own instead of adding more stuff to the junk pile smilies/wink.gif
written by Robert Wood, July 29, 2008
Looks like a great product. I may need to get one of those, I really like the bamboo.
written by Clinch, July 30, 2008
When I saw this, I thought they may have just added bamboo as a gimmick to just make it look green, whilst not actually being so (e.g. like these
but with the aluminum-enclosure-heat-sink (cooler electronics are more efficient), and the with-computer powerdown, it does sound as good as they say it is, and worthy of its 4-star energy rating.
Left On Monitors... How much enery = $$
written by Christine, September 07, 2008
I need to know what the cost is of leaving the average flat screen monitor on over night would be. This is with a computer shut-down, but the monitor would be left on.

Thank you for your input.

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