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JUL 29

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France Going Tidal with Pilot Turbine System

There’s one off the coast of Northern Ireland. The East cost of the US is getting them. So France, with access to some of link for you cheap levitra india the strongest ocean currents in Europe, has determined they’ll get some too. Electricite de France (EDF) is planning to install a pilot tidal turbine system off Northwest France, and hopes to have 4 to 6 MW pumping out of 3 to 6 turbines by 2011. The system will test out the possibility of using tidal power as a profitable electricity generation option.

EDF (a company that is buying viagra without prescription Europe’s biggest nuclear power producer) believes France holds 80% of Europe’s potential of generating electricity from tidal currents – equating to about 10 TW hours every year – based on its location next to usa pharmacy viagra some serious ocean power. So the potential of the project is pretty exciting for the country, and apparently also for EDF. But also a little futuristic. Those are some big numbers to fill, and tidal power still has a long way to go before the technology is cheap and canada order tramadol online easy.

Still, the pilot project will bring in a lot of great data. We’ll follow their progress to see what kind of turbine technology they’re planning to implement.

Via RenewableEnergyWorld, Reuters; Photo via Clearly Ambiguous

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Better than barrages
written by Tim, July 30, 2008
It's very good to see turbines replace barrages as the new direction for tidal power. Barrage systems often block ecologically sensitive river estuaries. They also require very large tidal ranges, found in very, very few places around the world. There has been concern in the past that turbines won't hold up to the wear of the tides and saltwater, but if these projects become successful we could see a whole new avenue of india generic viagra legal alternative energy open up.

More energy solutions:
written by John Wanoa, August 17, 2008
Auckland New Zealand
18th August 2008
Dear ecogeek and readers
I do admire Seagen and also France braving the viagra label elements of the sea good on them and if France can do better with their Turbine Design then I cant wait to see it We would never know until they all stuck their foot into the water first and Seagen did a great pioneering job of it until the propeller snapped In New Zealand we still have to go through the same process as Seagen did and France to get the big Horsepower out of the tide where Biggest Turbine is Best so by the time France gets its Turbines into the water we would have followed behind watching the flaws more widely closely till there is an accepted Solid Turbine concept Our belief is that Tidal In-stream Energy does hold the key to future clean Bulk renewable energy according to the area width and depth of marine space capture of moving tons water force useable useful net energy harnessed by using Larger Blade HUB WATER BEARING SURFACE Area Turbines with SHORTER RADIUS but TALLER BLADE AREA capture TONS PER SQAURE INCH OF BLADE FLAT SURFACE DIRECT SOLID WALL CONTACT AREA Ideally Tidal Energy real physical swept square area contact is best harnessed from variable pitch blades revolving around a vertical shaft where the turbines torque output tries to twist the Turbine off its LARGE SURFACE DIAMETER axle if not for a SOLID Bridge FRAME absorbing the SHEARING SNAP FORCE OF THE MOVING VOLUME COLUMN OF WATER TONS the SOLID TIDAL TURBINE is trying to HOLD BACK the tidal force thru large Diameter Bridge Piles that are driven up to 90meters below the Seabed HOLD THE FORCE OF THE WATER COLUMN BACK and everything above the waterline PROPPED UP as well The PLATINUM TIDAL TURBINES Extract the Mechanical ENERGY of the WATER HYDRAULICALLY whereby the usefull link low price viagra KAIPARA HARBOR In-stream Water generally Flows at 5 to 8 Knots on average and with the Giant TIDAL 5 TURBINES per Bridge Pile spaced at 50 meter intervals and 295 meters at North and South Heads for the SHIPS to go under are snaking there way through the DEEP CANYONS of the MAIN STREAM FLOWS as you can see on our Website GOOGLE: Type in John Wanoa and then look for Tidal Electric or Platinum Tidal Electric Bridge Construction in GOOGLE: see the KAIPARA HARBOR Water flows 900 Square Kilometer area 2Billion Cubic Meters a day GUARANTEED INSTREAM WATER FLOWS In short the TIDAL TURBINES 5 vertically stacked TURBINES is 625meters square SWEPT AREA Hydraulically GOVERNED GIANT SOLID TURBINES at 2RPM or 3Knots average SPEED STALLING the 5knots or 6RPM SPEED x 60meters TALL x 30meters wide THICK MOVING TIDE SOLID VOLUME COLUMN TONS per square inch INSTREAM WATER IN ITS TRACKS! This is we like it buy discount levitra online how PLATINUM TIDAL ELECTRIC Proposes to HARNESS of 6072MW of Electricity or 3000MW Megawatts of 100% Finished Liquid Hydrogen ENERGY from the INSTREAM TIDES useful useable surplus ENERGY we use to Burn in Jet Engine Turbine Generators keep the TIDAL TURBINE spinning anticlockwise PERPETUALLY for ever and a day suspended by Water BEARINGS throughout the UNDERWATER operations BLADE TIPS JET PROPULSION as Water Bearings included as the Hydraulic Water Pressure Relief BLOW OFF VALVE drives the buy tramadol 180 cod Turbines with the Electrical MOTOR reverse GENERATOR Automatics Hydraulic System on DEAD SLACK TIDE TURNS Low and High tide You can figure the rest out yourself and multiply that by 220 Giant Bridge Piles That’s TIDAL ELECTRIC CONCEPT GIGAWATT PLAN The TIDE waits for NO ONE in its path The Kaipara Harbor New Zealand Tidal Electric Project has these characteristics avoids recent problems of Seagen’s Tidal Turbine where they have a SMALLER HORIZONTAL SHAFT holding a SMALLER HUB and a LARGER DIAMETER BLADE poses bending SNAPPING OFF from the SOLID HYDRAULIC WALL OF THICK WIDE COLUMN VOLUME OF WATER on the move NO GIVE NO COMPROMISE NO ADJUSTMENTS AND NO WARNING just SNAP CRACKLE POP You either GET IT ALL or NOTHING AT ALL Windmills are designed to Flex in the wind with the wings of an Airplane THERE IS NO CHANCE FOR FLEXING IN THE TIDE ITS ALL ROCK SOLID CRACKING MATERIAL The thicker the bearing HUB and the taller stubbier the BLADE the shorter the RADIUS the better is our best principle of MECHANICS I don’t know what the levitra kaufen in frankfurt French will use The SCATTER Turbines or the Confined Turbine Principles You can go to Google and type John Wanoa or Tidal Electric or Platinum Tidal Electric Bridge Construction to see the Turbine concept I hope the French take a fancy to it and give us a friendly call to possibly join us be VERY GOOD IDEA I promise you wont be disappointed The Turbine will spin and who knows we are more than confidently optimistic that it works well in our heads before it hits the water and flies apart I wait with your comments interest that Marine Tidal Energy in all parts of the globe is the answer to where can i purchase viagra large BULK Power Energy Outputs in Giga-watts from IN-STREAM TIDAL DESIGN TURBINES and as open invitation to FRANCE to come talk with Platinum soon as NOW best time
John Wanoa
Tidal Turbine Design Engineer Kaipara Harbor Auckland New Zealand
Tidal Electric Turbines
written by John Wanoa, September 05, 2008
Platinum Tidal Electric Bridge Construction Company Limited

4/13 Armadale Rd
New Zealand
Ph 0064 5246827
Mob 0064272813963
Website: GOOGLE: John Wanoa Tidal Electric Photostreams
E Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Dear Jaymi Heimbuch

Thank you for allowing my article on your site I am finding the time to write to the American Bridge Company whom I have chosen to go over the Bridge Engineering Plans once I get set up next month and so it is predicted that the bridge will be built in USA first even though I would like it built here in New Zealand may not be the case so my friend I may be visiting USA sooner than you think and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work this turbine out if you just watch a big Kenworth truck pulling torque on a truck dynamometer is suffice to say that its this sort of power we try to screw out of the tide FULL TORQUE POWER at the FLYWHEEL Basic principle of operation SIMPLE AS if you want to get more power from a smaller marine space In other words in 30sqaure meter x 60meter deep area the Platinum Turbine single 5meter bridge pile 5 stack vertical array Turbines NO CABLES JUST LIQUID HYDROGEN BOTTLED PORTABLE POWER transported to the SUB STATIONS the remote new age LH2 Jet Turbine generator Power Stations will replace 6000 SeaGen Turbines that takes up acres and acres of marine space Thats the gist of it AL for what its worth and the sooner AMERICAN BRIDGE COMPANY gets over here in New Zealand for a chat the sooner we have it in the water NO MODELS just the real deal Project ready to go and the Bridge presold on 50meter spans to the next bridge pile starts producing Hydrogen after the first 6 to 12 months before the second span and the beauty about it is that the bridge can be built go out to no where endless bridge or just a pier out into the rough ocean no matter what the conditions are the rougher the sea surge the better the full power output it can extract from the power of the tidal surge and uni-directional movement That is it works as a Hydraulic pump vertically as in sea surge movement and it works in rotation either way and as well as a coupling Wind Turbine integral combination hydraulically governed to turn 2rpm regardless of the sea or wind conditions The stored 100&#xLi;quid Hydrogen Aviation Fuels is always surplus to requirements to keep the big turbines revolving when the sea conditions are slack tides or no wave motions the LH2 Gas Jet Engine Generators electrically spins the large Turbines from the Bridge Liquid Fuels Storage Bottles of Energy That is the key to Platinum Tidal Turbines Philosophy my friends and I am ready to go wherever the support is I hope you will be convince thus far about this turbine Visit my website and see all the sparks flying around and wait till the Turbine hits the water

Thank you

John Wanoa

Platinum Tidal Turbine Design Engineer
written by David Reilly, January 11, 2010
Keep up the good work. We need renewable power.
You are obviously very bright and quite accomplished in this field.
PLEASE get somebody to help you write these things, or edit them, or somehow MAKE YOUR THOUGHTS READABLE AND UNDERSTANDABLE!

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