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JUL 29

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"fast tell me the meaning of that vab osx ??? but to pridict it may be ..."

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Dell Green Computer Ready for the Masses

Dell is showing off what may be one of buy generic levitra from uk the most mainstream, eco-friendly computers to date. It also looks really damm cool. It's called the wow look it best online cialis Dell Studio Hybrid and it starts with a cost of around $500. You may have seen an early design concept of that featured before.

The Dell Studio Hybrid, available now, is about the size of a collegiate dictionary, according to Dell. It is also said to be the computer manufacturer's greenest PC to date. Highlights in this particular area include the aforementioned small form factor, making it around 80 percent smaller than standard desktops, packaging made from mostly recyclable materials and, most importantly, using reportedly 70 percent less power than a typical desktop. It is also said to meet Energy Star 4 requirements with a very efficient power supply.

The PC, which can be set in vertical or horizontal orientations, comes with a choice of interchangeable external finishes. This includes a bamboo look, which would go nicely with your new, eco-friendly SimpleTech [re]Drive.

Technical aspects of the Studio Hybrid can include, depending upon the wow look it purchase cialis configuration, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, digital/analog TV tuner, HDMI port, Wi-Fi and a Blu-ray Disc drive. You also have access, as an option, to a Dell online backup service.

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written by Tenzin, July 29, 2008
I think this is a great step in the right direction for the computer industry. Specs and configuration for this PC are not bad either.. Though $130 just to get a Bamboo case is crazy and they should offer a upgraded graphics card if you want this to be a mid-higher end desktop (ie able to truly handle Vista).
written by EV, July 29, 2008
While the power efficiency is laudable, I believe this is a bad idea. I may be in the minority, but I prefer to fix and upgrade machines, reusing old parts as I can. With this machine, if something goes wrong, I would have to send it back to dell or buy a new one. There does not appear to viagra in canada be a way to perform upgrades on the machine, either. This will only contribute to land fill waste as people will toss it in a few years instead of upgrading it.

Oh, and the TV tuners offered are all USB. No big deal there. A computer I built in 2000 had a PCI internal tuner and I'm still running that machine today, processor case and all.
written by manu, July 29, 2008
Now the big question is - can it run OS X???
written by bobthebuilder, July 30, 2008
Now load up a modern linux distro on this puppy, and it will use less system resources.
Limited Choices
written by Gordon, July 30, 2008
I wish Dell did not force you to include some options. I would rather leave off the optical drive and dump Vista in favor of visit web site viagra for sale online Linux. That would bring the price down to where I might consider it.
Laptop minus
written by Carl Hage, July 30, 2008
It's the same as a laptop without the screen, battery, and WiFi. The base model is more $ than the laptop I bought yesterday (with same CPU and more memory). Actually, I measured the viagra superforce power of my (old) laptop and viagra generic brand desktop-- at idle the laptop is 20W and desktop 125W (1W vs 6W off). People don't realize how dramatic the electric use is on laptops.
negative and positive issues
written by Apollo Musinguzi, September 10, 2009
i would like to know the negative and positive about those type of computers
written by Apollo Musinguzi, September 10, 2009
fast tell me the meaning of that vab osx ??? but to pridict it may be operating system but what is x now???
Any way anser for me please!!!!!!!!!!!!

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