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JUL 31

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"If you want to check out the current worlds largest wind farm. Check o..."

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World’s Largest On-Shore Wind Farm Oregon-Bound

Yep, another “world’s largest.” While beginning to sound eye-rolling, it’s actually pretty cool that everyone keeps one-upping each other, because that means we’re making real progress. Anyway, back to world’s largest… Oregon has given permits for setting up the Shepherd’s Flat Wind Farm, developed by Caithness Shepherds Flat LLC.

The plan is for 303 turbines to go up, generating 909 MW – a capacity that more than doubles Oregon state’s wind capacity, beats out the US’s so-far-largest wind farm in Texas, the 765 MW Horse Hollow wind farm, and makes it potentially the i recommend buy cialis 50 mg largest single wind farm in the world. In terms of generic viagra mexico wholesale wind farms in general, we’ll likely be hearing more “world’s largest” coming from China soon.

While the permits are out, there are no dates floating around so far for when it will be up and running. Oregon is serious about its wind power capacity, and is reviewing two more projects, one for 400 MW and one for 143 MW.

Via Portland Business Journal, Treehugger; Photo via vax-o-matic

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One upmanship is not bad
written by NS, July 31, 2008
At least in this scenario it is positively a good thing if individuals and companies try to outdo one another to be the greenest, most environment friendly, most ecologically conscious etc. smilies/smiley.gif
written by al, July 31, 2008
A good step in the right direction. But why do they always go for the 1.5MW - 3MW turbines, never the 5MW

What about the status of more efficent wind projects like Laddermill and Kitegen.
No 5 MW
written by Hank, July 31, 2008
People aren't building a lot of the 5 MW turbines for several reasons.

First, there isn't a lot of production capacity, I'm not intimately familiar with their production, but it's possible that they're actually only being built in Europe right now.

Second, even if they are being produced in America, it's very difficult to ship the blades for the 5 MW turbines...getting them across the country (especially over any mountain passes) would be an extremely complicated (not to mention carbon-intensive) activity.
Could do even more with offshore
written by Tim, August 01, 2008
As an Oregonian, I must say I am proud to be at the top in this particular round of oneupmanship. T Boone Pickens will probably steal the crown soon, but we'll enjoy it while we can.

On a more serious note, I am surprised that Oregon, with its strong commitment to renewables, has not invested more in developing its offshore wind potential.
Aerial View of the current Worlds Larges
written by Virtual Bird's Eye, August 05, 2008
If you want to check out the current worlds largest wind farm. Check out the aerial view using Virtual Earth.

On our site -
Direct link to Virtual Earth Maps (not on our site) -

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