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JUL 31

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"As excessive as Dubia is, their contribution to wow look it cheap prescription levitra the green movement cou..."

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Will Dubai Never Cease? Xeritown Cleantech City

I think that Dubai is worth studying. How, exactly, does an oil state become the home of green innovations. It takes more than just money, of course, there are plenty of oil states who have remained in the cleantech dark ages. But I'm going to have to file that thought away for later, because I must announce a NEW planned ultra-green city.

Xeritown is green in both high and buy viagra online us low-tech ways. They've centered the city so that the ocean breeze air-conditions the entire city. They've laid it out to be pedestrian friendly and inconvenient for cars. There's no road more than two lanes wide in the whole 60 acres. And, taking it's name from Xeriscaping, the city uses next to no water for non-domestic purposes. All landscaping is we recommend viagra generic canada suitable for the desert and graywater will be used for industrial purposes.

But, of course, it comes with its fair share of photovoltaics to power the city. Panels will line the streets and shade the sidewalks.

Of course, unlike Masdar City, this project has not yet been approved for construction. But if Dubai's record for surprising me stands, they'll be breaking ground in no time.

Via Inhabitat

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written by Jeremy, August 01, 2008
60 acres is not a "city"--it's barely a subdivision.
written by Flahooler, August 01, 2008
I wouldn't go praising Dubai up and down for their token "green" efforts just yet, considering the nation is also home to visit our site sale levitra some of the enter site cialis next day delivery most ridiculous monuments to excess ever created. Anyone out there familiar with the Dubai "Ski Dome" ( Or how about the man-made "Palm" and "World" islands (

Dubai is not interested in environmental responsibility except as a means of attracting more tourism and development dollars to the country. Give them credit for their foresight, however. They've recognized that their oil reserves rae not going to last forever, and so are trying to re-cast themselves into the Las Vegas of the middle east.
Solar dome
written by Paul Barthle, August 01, 2008
I'd like to see a city with a partial dome of solar panels. Shade and power would be a direct result. Desalinate seawater and cheapest generic viagra and takes checks super-treat the sewage to have enough water to run evaporative coolers and the result could be a temperate climate not unlike a northern rainforest. Humidity slows temperature swings common in the desert. Designers could learn about dome building in the real world before setting up shop on mars as well.
written by Josh, August 02, 2008
However a dome would be a very inefficient geometry for capturing sunlight, or for making shade :)
I salute their efforts.
written by Edward, August 03, 2008
You have to start somewhere, don't you. I praise their efforts, and we have yet to i recommend get levitra cheap see something similar happening across the pond.
written by boohoo, August 04, 2008
They just have more money to spend on capital improvements and green experiments. Their citizens do not pay taxes plus have free healthcare and college tuition. Very few nations have this kind of wealth to spread around, especially not the U.S. Also the Middle East is a hotbed for green innovations (look at Israel for example) their governments and business leaders simply GET that the oil economies of the world are coming to an end. By building the infrastructure and experimenting now, while they have the spoils of the oil economy, they are hoping to set themselves up for the time when growth and energy comes from some other source.

We just have to realize it’s all over for the U.S. in general. We will NEVER have the money to make green capital improvements. Only the rich, well off municipalities and purchase generic viagra online corporations willing to spend their excess funds will benefit from green building. Most states, cities and the federal government just don't have the cash for this type of experimentation. Future energy costs will simply be passed on to citizens and customers. That’s the only solution we have left in the U.S.
written by kimba, August 04, 2008
They've centered the city so that the ocean breeze air-conditions the entire city.

Really? When I was in Dubai, it was only May and it was so hot I could barely breathe. There must be more to official canadian pharmacy to buy levitra their plans to cool the city than breezes from the Persian Gulf.

I'm intrigued by their green efforts, too, but I agree with Flahooler to some extent. That town, although a blast to visit, is a monument to excess and consumption: a massive indoor ski slope, an enormous indoor shopping mall, those palm and world islands, the many massive air-conditioned hotels and office spaces, the palatial homes, and the rampant development in the form of many, many condos and canada generic cialis "villages". However, it is interesting to see what can be accomplished in an area where money seems to be no object. I'm watching with interest.
Who Knows
written by Eco Home Plans, August 04, 2008
As excessive as Dubia is, their contribution to the green movement could be unparalleled. This kind of funding compiled with the extravagant life style could spawn some unimaginable technological advances. Who knows? I too will be watching with interest.

Charles Precht
Sustainable Design

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