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AUG 06

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Dell Beats its Goal for Carbon Neutrality

Dell seems to be doing the most of any mainstream computer company to viagra overnight get greener. And I'm not just saying that because their CTO said some very nice things about EcoGeek in an interview yesterday.

They've bee focusing on efficiency, on RoHS, on hitting epeat standards, and on neutralizing the carbon the company produces.

Less than a year ago, they said that they would be completely carbon neutral and buy real levitra online without prescription today (according to Dell) they are. They've done it though a variety of means. Most importantly, they cut power use at home. Then, for the power they still consume, they've been buying only wind and solar energy where possible. This kind of commitment increases the demand for (and cost of) renewable energy, and thus increases the likelihood that energy companies will continue investing in it.

Lastly, and most lamely, they bought carbon credits to make up the buy levitra no prescription final difference.

The process of buying carbon credits is complicated and debate rages over whether they're affective. But possibly the most important part of the process is figuring out how many credits you need to buy. Once this is done, a company has a system in place to understand and be able to quantify it's footprint.

Of course, we wish that Dell simply got all its energy from green sources, and didn't have to resort to best prices for levitra offsets. The good news is, that's exactly what they're doing.

Dell already gets about 116 million kWh of their electricity from wind and solar. But they're looking to increasing that number, with investments in the U.S., China and India, to over 600 million kWh. The press release, conveniently, doesn't give any numbers for Dell's global power consumption, but I expect that it's more than 10 times this number.

Still, these kinds of massive investments in clean energy technology is levitra soft gel just what power companies need to see in order to justify building them even before they reach grid parity.

Full press release below.


· Green Energy Investment Covers 100 Percent of Global Electricity Use

· Partnership with Conservation International Preserving Madagascan Forest


ROUND ROCK, Texas, August 6, 2008 Dell has met its carbon neutral goal ahead of schedule, achieving a major milestone in its commitment to be the ‘greenest’ technology company on the planet and fulfilling a pledge to operate efficiently, maximize investment in green power and responsibly offset remaining impacts.

“We’re driving ‘green’ into every aspect of our global business,” said Dell Chairman and cialis order CEO Michael Dell. “This includes setting new standards for energy efficiency and green power, delivering environmental and cost savings for customers and aligning key growth priorities with our focus on preserving our shared Earth. Every company can join Dell and the ReGeneration in this long-term commitment.”

Dell met its goal early by implementing an aggressive global energy-efficiency campaign and increasing purchases of green power, verified emission reductions and renewable energy certificates. Since 2004, the company’s annual investment in green electricity from utility providers, including wind, solar and cialis soft tabs scam methane-gas capture, has grown from 12 million kWh to 116 million kWh, an increase of nearly 870 percent. Earlier this year, the company announced that its global headquarters campus is powered by 100 percent green energy.

Dell today also announced that it is making additional investments in wind power in the U.S., China and India. Combined with green electricity purchases from utility providers, this equates to 645 million kWh and the avoidance of more than 400,000 metric tons of CO2e.

The company is already saving more than $3 million annually and avoiding nearly 20,000 tons of CO2 through facilities improvements and a global power-management initiative.

“I want to thank our employees for working so hard to cialis generic canada make this possible,” said Mr. Dell. “As always, our work is only getting started and this has never been more true than our focus on green.”

Dell is also partnering with Conservation International on a habitat and forest preservation initiative in the Republic of Madagascar. The company will help protect more than 591,000 acres of viagra side effects tropical forestland threatened with destruction, preventing more than 500,000 tons of CO2 from going into the levitra soft gel atmosphere over the next five years.

“We commend Dell on its climate leadership and for showing how well-designed forest protection projects can generate such compelling environmental and social benefits,” said Peter Seligmann, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Conservation International. “By reducing its own environmental footprint and protecting forests, Dell is addressing the major drivers of climate change – energy use and united healthcare cialis deforestation while also delivering significant biodiversity and community benefits.”

Dell currently ranks ahead of HP, IBM and Apple in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership Fortune 500 registry and is working alongside utility and government partners to encourage greater supply of green energy.

"Dell's success in meeting its carbon neutral goal in less than a year is generic viagra uk online pharmacy impressive and should serve as a model for other U.S. companies to follow," said Mindy S. Lubber, president of Ceres, a leading coalition of investors and environmental groups that worked closely with Dell on its climate change strategy. "The company's commitment to boost the energy efficiency of its operations and its green power purchases before focusing on carbon offsets is the right approach for achieving carbon neutrality."

Strategies for a Low-Carbon Future

In September of 2007, Dell announced its carbon neutral goal and we use it buy generic viagra online a commitment to achieve that goal by the end of 2008. Today’s announcement marks the achievement of that goal five months ahead of schedule.

The company is also setting a new industry standard by helping customers and suppliers achieve their own environmental goals. In June 2007, the company announced that it would require primary suppliers to report CO2 emissions data during quarterly business reviews. Dell was the first IT company to join the Carbon Disclosure Project’s Supply Chain Leadership Coalition to help suppliers with emissions reporting.

Earlier this year, Dell became the first major computer manufacturer to list an 80 PLUS Gold power supply for servers. Dell’s new 80 PLUS Gold power supply meets July 2009 Climate Savers targets for servers more than a year ahead of schedule, which require 92 percent minimum efficiency for the power supply unit at 50 percent of rated output. The company was also the first major computer manufacturer to list an 80 PLUS Silver-certified power supply for desktops. Last month, Dell launched its first “hybrid” PC.

Based on worldwide unit sales beginning in 2005 with power-management features enabled, Dell estimates that OptiPlex desktop systems alone have helped customers save more than $2.7 billion and avoid approximately 26 million tons of CO2.

In September 2007, Dell announced “Plant a Forest for Me,” a program enabling organizations worldwide to share best practices and, as partners, facilitate the planting of trees in sustainably managed reforestation projects. Partners include AMD, ABN AMRO,, CGI, Staples,, Targus and WellPoint.

For more information on Dell’s energy and environmental initiatives, visit To join with the company and thousands of others in lending a voice and saving the planet, visit

About Dell

Dell Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL) listens to generic cialis soft tabs customers and delivers innovative technology and services they trust and value. Uniquely enabled by its direct business model, Dell is a leading global systems and services company and No. 34 on the Fortune 500. For more information, visit, or to communicate directly with Dell via a variety of online channels, go to To get Dell news direct, visit


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communications manager
written by BryantatDell, August 06, 2008
Hi Hank -- thanks for the kind words and of course this forum is the type of place we want Dell actions to pass muster.

Two very quick things to add -- the 645million KWH mentioned in the release actually is our global electricity consumption - almost all of our emissions impacts are from scope 2 electricity use.

So for that 645M KWH - we are addressing through a combination of direct purchase of green power from our utility vendors and investments in RECs and VERs. The offsets we used - only address our scope 1 emissions (incredibly small) and the part of scope 3 emissions in our plan (employee business air travel) - those were invested in teh Conservation International project.

Hope that helps - and of course any questions from you or readers let me know - thanks, Bryant
written by Brendan, August 06, 2008
Is the 645 GWH (645M KWH) a per year consumption?
written by Brendan, August 06, 2008
Also, coule you comment on future plans? Are you going to be replacing carbon offsets with more power from renewables? Are you going to add renewable power when possible while retaining carbon offsets, to be "carbon negative"?

communications manager
written by BryantatDell, August 06, 2008
Hi Brendan - that is an annual figure (the 645 GWH). And definitely re the future plans, intent is to continually source more green power purchased directly from utility vendors as it becomes available, while remaining neutral going forward. And in addition we'll continue to implement efficiency efforts in facilites.

It may help to note also that while this move focuses on our own Dell facilities - our efforts with helping suppliers to reduce emissions and providing more and more energy efficient products to customers (in turn lowering emissions) will continue - a good example -a consumer product released last week is up to 70 percent more energy efficient than previous modeld.
written by sn, August 06, 2008
written by Ken Roberts, August 07, 2008
This is very impressive for such a large company. Good job.
All well and good but....
written by michael, August 07, 2008
The amount of electricity consumed in the manufacture of the PCs is insignificant compared with the combined electrical consumption of the PCs themselves over their lifetime.

Dell would get more kudos by introducing low power consumption computers.
Reply to Michael
written by BryantatDell, August 08, 2008
Hi Michael - completely agree the carbon impact of the electricty used by the products we sell is much greater than that of our own buildings.

But we have made some great strides in that area - our latest business desktop computers are up to 80 percent more energy efficient than last generation, our latest consumer product is up to 70 percent more efficient, we've been making great strides on server and data center efficiency and we put out a goal to improve the energy efficiency of our desktop and notebook products another 25 percent in 2 years. One reference (and we're working on updating this page) that shows some of this is - hope that helps, Thanks, Bryant
Try telling that to their packing and sh
written by Earle Martin, August 12, 2008

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