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AUG 07

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"Umm, even if she scores a home hydrogen filling station she wont be ab..."

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Jamie Lee Curtis Scores Honda FCX Clarity

Jamie Lee Curtis and link for you levitra 20mg husband Christopher Guest are now the proud new owners of a Honda FCX Clarity, making them the second couple in Southern California to have a new addition to the family. According to Curtis, it’s quite luxurious. But unless she plans to try and score a home hydrogen filling station somehow, she won’t be able to take it too far from So Cal where Shell has a few hydrogen filling stations.

About 200 people are going to enter site viagra soft gel be able to lease the Clarity in So Cal and Japan over the next three years. Considering it took a whole three years from concept to production, a whole three years more seems like quite a long time for consumers to wait to be able to pick one up at the corner dealership…if that ever happens. EVs seem to be the way people are leaning, so fuel cell cars like the Clarity may remain uncommon.

Via Honda

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Home Hydrogen Filling Station
written by Eric, August 08, 2008
Umm, even if she scores a home hydrogen filling station she wont be able to take it very far from her home.. duhh

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