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AUG 31

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One Million Solar Roofs

solarroofCalifornia has a brand new law.  Last week, Governor Schwarzenegger signed a bill to increase the use of solar power in his state. The "Million Solar Roofs" bill seeks to increase California's use of solar power, especially at the residential level.

Grist points out some of the provisions of this bill which include a requirement for production homebuilders to offer solar systems as a standard option. It also increases the amount of electricity that net-metered homes can sell back to the utility at retail rates (getting only wholesale rate on your net metered electricity is a disincentive for more people to participate).

Much of California, with its sunny climate, is the no overnight prescription tramadol kind of place where individual solar hot water systems and buy tramadol online saturday delivery photovoltaics just makes sense.  Especially as the price drops, and the costs of traditional power sources rise.

via: Grist

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written by test, August 12, 2007

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