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AUG 15

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"For all the talk about mass transit being a great alternative as a New..."

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Mass Transit Gaining Ground in Greenness

With gas prices having not a chance of indian cialis generic coming down, mass transit is gaining ground in popularity. Kinda of an obvious reaction, since trains have all sorts of one-upsmajor rehauls of designs, others are looking at more immediate solutions that don’t require re-doing whole systems.


For instance, Sweden is soon launching a new high-speed train that can reach up to 183 miles per hour. Utilizing a permanent magnet motor and no doctor viagra a system that provides information on speed and traction force, the train improves efficiency by as much as 30%. The island of Tenerif in the Canary Islands is installing a PV solar array to ordering tramadol to canada power their electric tramway in the capitol city. Even my own tiny and decidedly un-advanced town has gotten new clean(er) running busses and better options for Amtrak travel.


While steps like this to improve existing systems are excellent, it is also encouraging to see larger projects on the queue for construction, such as California’s high-speed train that will be the discount viagra sale cleanest option for getting from LA to San Francisco in under 3 hours, and San Francisco’s intensely green Transbay Terminal.


As someone who is growing ever more frustrated behind the wheel and guilt-ridden about driving, more green mass transit options that can cart me around both locally and to distant locations in an eco-friendly way is pretty exciting.


(Image of Sweden’s upcoming high-speed train)

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too bad the MTA still is broken
written by Michael, August 15, 2008
For all the talk about mass transit being a great alternative as a New Yorker I have to say it leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe if our cities and towns all had enough money to buy cialis online pharmacy support these systems it would be great but we don't. Meanwhile they are trying to stop others from driving and levitra samples not improving service. Sorry I'm just bitter today about having to walk 30 blocks home because the train wasn't running and the bus was packed.

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