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AUG 18

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The Whole World’s Hopping on Electric Bikes

As gas prices go up and green thinking expands, it seems electric bikes are seeing a huge surge in popularity. Sales in the US nearly doubled last year, reaching 10,000 in 2007. And Amazon reported a 6,000% increase this summer from last year. Seems that while many bikes are priced between $1,500 to $2,500, it is worth it to wow look it levitra soft generic people to invest in one that can cart them around with minimal effort. I’ve definitely considered the cialis daily canada electric bike as city transportation, but figure that since biking is my only exercise, I better not slack off, even on the uphill climbs.

Even in countries that have gotten around via pedal power for some time, battery-powered rides are looking more attractive. France is tied with the US in electric bike sales, and Germany reached 60,000 sales last year with expectations to double that this year. The Netherlands are taking the lead with 89,000 sales last year and a projected 121,000 this year. That is a whole lot of electric bikes. Seems that they’re getting pretty hip, and can be an excellent conversation starter. Though, with people needing to leave behind their first born child at the gas pumps, we can hazard a guess that conversation is not the main reason people are hopping on the electric bike bandwagon.

Designs for bikes are becoming more varied and cost effective. There is one model that is only about $350, and a DIYer can rig something for a minimal cost as well. But for someone who wants some serious style, there is a fairly large handful of options. There are even pedal-less options so you’re more on the side of scooter than bike. Electric bikes are an excellent option for people who need to get around town, want to do it cheaply, greenly, and relatively sweat-free.

Our EcoGeeky sides can get some great exercise by dreaming up ways to ever improve the weight, range, and clean chargeability of electric bikes. Neodymics is on to wow it's great cialis profesional something with their bike-to-moped conversion kit.

What cracks me up about this trend is that even former GM execs are on to it: "The electric bikes are the wow it's great rx generic levitra next big thing," said Frank Jamerson, a former General Motors Corp. executive turned electric vehicle guru, according to the Associated Press. This seems to definitely be an opportunity for ecogeeky cycle designers to explore.

Via Associated Press, AutoblogGreen; Photo via qilin

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electric bike going greenly?
written by Akos3D, August 18, 2008
I said many times, electric goingaround is nothing greenly.
It uses coal/oil fueled power plants (especially in US) to make electricity, then converts the electricity into chemical energy, from then you again take out electricity to make mechanical power.
You can be lucky to get around 20% of efficiency out of this loop. Very similar to recommended site viagra online canada no prescription IC engines.
Not to forget hills of unuseable acid filled lead junk in two years time.
written by jello5929, August 18, 2008
Electric bicycle emits less CO2 than human powered bicycle.

coal -> battery -> motor -> motion
tofu -> human -> pedals -> motion

The first one emits less C02 per mile than the second one.
written by Jacob, August 19, 2008
China's been onto this for years, I'd be willing to bet that Shanghai alone topples the Netherlands figure.
central generation is more efficient
written by John, August 19, 2008
Akos3D, you get WAY more than 20% out of powerplant->battery->motor...

Some powerplants can operate at about 60% thermal efficiency with combined cycles. the loses on going to and from the battery are on the order of 10%, so even if you use a bad power plant (35%), bad batterys (85%) and a bad motor (85%) you still are a lot better than a good car, and that is efficiency alone. An electric bike is orders of magnitude smaller than a car, and therefor uses even less energy.
I love my electric bike
written by Michael, August 19, 2008
Yeah electric bikes are so fun, I modded a cruiser bike and go about 25mph, and go about 20 miles per charge, I talk about my experience a bit on my site
written by Jim McDish, August 19, 2008
Less gas in the car, more electricity, more coal to make the electricity = skyrocketing electric bills. Dammed if we do and dammed if we dont!

written by Brian, August 19, 2008
Um yeah, anyone who suggests electric bikes are no better than cars is either an idiot or has an agenda.

The weight difference ALONE makes it a complete no brainer. How much money and energy do you reckon are spent hauling thousands of pounds of metal (ie, a car) around?
written by Casey, August 19, 2008
I like the electric skateboard: http://www.alteredelectricskat...videos.htm

Cool video on that page too.
written by jello5929, August 19, 2008
People who are arguing that this will raise electric rates or is as bad as the car are not thinking it thru.

First, a typical electric assisted bike in US is 250W-350W.

Second, burning coal to charge this bicycle uses less fossil fuel energy than shipping you enough food to pedal it yourself.

Third, it's not going to increase power consumption by that much. A 30 mile round trip is only going to burn about 500w-hr on one of viagra super active uk these things.

500w-hr is nothing. That's an hour of gaming on a typical desktop computer. That's two hours of watching TV on a big screen DLP. One 20w CFL left on all day. Etc.
written by Mike, August 19, 2008
All we are asking is to give eBikes a chance...having a motor is great for going up hills when you don't want to break out in a sweat as you ride to cialis online shop work, and it helps you go faster. Lots more people riding bikes to work means way less car fuel and maintenance costs. And more motivation to build bike only paths, I hope.
found a winner
written by Jason, August 20, 2008
I bought an electric kit from last year. I enjoyed it soo much I made an extra 40k this last year buying kits from them and building complete electric bikes. Great source for high quality low priced brushless models. The learning curve in electric bicycles is fairly steep. I started out with one of those loud bikes they sell at wallmart, learned about brushless and the rest is history..


HA.. I have one
written by David C., August 20, 2008
conversion here too ;D ;D ;D
OMGZ it's Dave!
written by Rodger, August 20, 2008
Yeah i got one from www.AmpedBikes too!

It was a kit, so now my old beach cruiser is now a hill climber! LOL

Thanks Dave!
written by Rodger, August 20, 2008
fubar'd the link to where i got my kit for bout 300 smackers... so...

But yeah, now to remove all the rust off my other rim.. hmm..
written by Free Xbox 360, August 20, 2008
I need to buy me one of these. Esp. for use during the school year, getting to places on campus would be a breeze.
Don't get too exited
written by Matti, August 20, 2008
Electric bicycle emits less CO2 than human powered bicycle.
False. You got to eat food anyway if you want to stay alive. Old bike emits still less CO2 in the long run.
With electric bike you got to charge batteries constantly and replace them. It is not carbon free operation.
Electric Bikes? Look at Shanghai!
written by WillG, August 20, 2008
I was in Shanghai in January. They outlawed new scooters, instead requiring electric bikes? What happened? They had to burn more coal to generate the electricity to charge the bikes. So which is worse?

I read an article called "Scooter Polluter" at which shows how scooter create more smog than cars, way more.

I guess the the best place viagra order issue is really where localities want to perform the trade off.
electric VS muscle.
written by matt, August 20, 2008
electric VS muscle?
I don't believe that it is a question of muscle VS electric. Basically electric bikes are a commuter.

I ride my e-bike to and from work. I ride my mtn bike when I wanna go for a ride. I cannot show up in my office all sweaty, so I ride my e-bike.

It works in the same manner that a train vs car does. a 6,000 lb train car gets about 900 miles per gallon when connected to the train.

When we plug in our e-bikes at night it uses very little energy, no more than a lightbulb being on for about 20 mins.

It is 1,000 times more efficient than a car for commuting.

But yes, I do ride my road bike and mtn bike as well for fun and health. But I e-bike to commute every single day.

Try it you might just like it.
There are plenty of companies out there like ampedbikes, crystalyte, bionx etc etc. to convert an old bike in your garage into a 20-25 mph silent e-commuter.
E Bikes are really popular right now
written by Electric Bike, August 20, 2008
@AKOs3d You are quite mistaken in your estimates about the buy cialis uk indirect emissions generated by EVs, even when the electricity consumed by EVs is from a coal fired plant, it still produces 95% less carbon emissions than IC engines.

@ Matt, you decision to use a bike for your commute is both admirable and makes eminent sense. Good for your waistline and your pocket book, to say nothing of the environment. :)
written by Greg, August 20, 2008
sunshine-solar panel-deep cycle batter-bicycle battery

=no coal/fuel burning
Wind and Solar
written by Uncle B, August 20, 2008
The modern, wind and Solar powered grid needs our bike batteries and lots of plug in hybrid car batteries to soak up all that irregular, uneven eco friendly un-industrial power when it is available! No CO2 no pollution no sweat!
written by Jock Drummond, August 25, 2008
The ebike craze is hitting the world and in the US we are just beginning to realise the benefits in terms of best price for cialis environment and energy savings. The articles and corresponding comments are very interesting and buy viagra com encouraging. One issue however to get large numbers to accept electric power is by providing service. People will buy of the internet because it is cost effective but then when they run into issues, charges, motors etc. they don't have anyone to turn to and the majority don't ant to do it themselves. We need good solid product supported by a dealer network to make the electric bike world acceptable to the majority of commuters. We also need States to start considering ebike friendly roads and even electrical outlets in apartment complexes, offices and public buildings. If you are looking for a cool ebike review
Electric bikes = zero emissions, zero co
written by Tom Jolly, August 27, 2008
I don't know why everyone thinks electric bikes create any CO2 at all. You're missing part of the kit; 1. Buy solar panels. 2. Buy an electric bike. 3. Charge bike with solar system. See? Zero emissions. You still have the lead-acid to deal with, but that's recyclable.
Parking an electric bike
written by Leo Verkoelen, August 31, 2008
There is a now an increasing demand for electric bikes. How many years will it take before we get comfortable and cheap parkings for electric bikes including battery loading?
written by heather, September 16, 2008
Hi! My husband and I both commute on e-bikes.
we both use ampedbike's conversions. I ride 22 miles each way to work, recharge at work and love every minute of it!
Electric Bikes Bicycles UK
written by michael, November 12, 2008
Thank u r information
written by Electric bikes, December 08, 2008
We are a large-scale enterprise specializing in the R&D and manufacture of electric bicycles and tricycles. We have a professional R&D team, including the first Executive Director of the Electric Bike Chamber of cialis perscription sample Commerce of Jinhua. Since our establishment eight years ago, weve broadened our business areas, improved product quality and i recommend levitra lowest price earned a good reputation with our clients.
Our strength products for exporting is light weight electric bicycles with high quality Li-ion battery and Aluminum alloy frame,such as electric mountain bike, folding electric bikes, city electric bikes and so on.weve had above 5 years manufacture of electric bike for exporting. We always insist on offering high quality products,good service and support after sale for our customers all over the world. And we always closely follow the world trend of electric bicycle new items are released our products are welcomed by good quality, advanced style and good quotation,especially in europe, America,Austrilia,Japan and so on.OEM orders are also welcomed according to your detail requirments.
Good quality comes from profession.We warmly welcome customers all over the world.
written by eCo Wheels, December 24, 2008
Electric bikes continue to grow in popularity! Even with gas prices dropping, improved technology is making them more viable than ever before. Longer battery life, extended range and lower prices! Here's a great resource for electric bikes.
In reply to your post
written by Sam, March 01, 2009
Being a doctor, I recommend usage of electric bikes due to two reasons -
1. You can paddle and consider it as a daily exercise, helps you to keep your body fit.
2. When you get tired or are in no mood to paddle, use motor instead but still keep in environment green. The CO2 emitted by electric vehicles is negligible to what gasoline vehicles are emitting.

I bought my scooter from R Matrin LLC in 2003 and so far, its going great. If any one of you wants some medical advice, you can contact me through email. Would love to reply back to you.
I agree
written by lavender, March 01, 2009
Hi Sam,

I was planning to buy a biclycle and was in doubt from where to buy. I have checked the site you have mentioned, , and their products look good. I am gonna go for LX1 model, orange color. Thanks for your advice.
Bring on the two wheeled revolution
written by Matthew, March 20, 2009
I just got back from traveling in Southern China, or should I say land of the LEV (electric scooters and bikes were everywhere). Any country that gets in on producing these wonderful 'green' vehicles of urban transport is going to reap the benifits (with a BIG B).
Electric Bicycles Are Great!
written by Ryan, May 24, 2009
I've just bought a Schwinn electric bicycle and it's fantastic. There's no question they will continue to grow in popularity around the world as the battery and motor technology improves.

Electric Bicycle Kingdom has a lot of great info on this.
Sort out the laws
written by Mark, May 24, 2009
Electric bikes are a great form of transport, but, a big problem is with the laws in the US, they really need to get sorted! has the current laws to a tee.
Cheap electric bikes..
written by Cheap Electric Bikes, September 02, 2009
I got my wisper 905se from ebikes direct. absolute bargain and a pleasure to do business with.

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