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AUG 21

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"It's exciting to see that these shelters can save not only the electri..."

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Miami Gets 600 Solar Bus Shelters

Fuel Miami, LLC, a media company, has come up with a brilliant give-take plan to 100 mg viagra boost its company, its advertisers, and the city of Miami.

The company is installing 600 solar-powered bus shelters in Miami, upon which they’ll be able to place their customer’s ads, and with no need to plug into the grid.

The shelters will save about 2 tons of CO2 emissions each, illuminating the ad panels and cialis online purchase generic the shelter itself using the resource for which the state of Florida is famous.

This is one of viagra name canadian pharmacy those places where utilizing solar power seems most obvious. The energy used to light bus shelters is easily overlooked when we’re trying to change the world, but relatively small steps like this make a big difference. It’s an exciting project, and I’m hoping will encourage other media companies vying to provide cities with their outdoor furniture to make similar moves, and for cities to push bidding companies to make innovative proposals like Fuel Miami, LLC.

The only issue I can think of that would put a damper on link for you viagra how much this cool project is…well, have you seen the we choice buy cheap viagra online condition of most cities’ bus shelters? I imagine keeping vandals away from the solar panels could be a bit difficult.

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written by begreen, August 21, 2008
Umm. I think that the city of Visalia California already has solar powered bus shelters.
written by Jim McDish, August 22, 2008
Outstanding, way to go Miami! Youve come a long ways baby!

written by usri, August 22, 2008
good ecogeek, one step to save the world and human's life.
congrats miami
written by vince, August 22, 2008
@ comment #1: who cares.

that's a good technological advancement and a brilliant idea.
lets hope it's available in other cities down here in the south.
ditto, vince
written by AndyM, August 22, 2008
Besides, exactly how many of these things does the "city" of Visalia have?
Electrified bus shelters
written by Paul Barthle, August 24, 2008
Great idea if only for the fact that it should be a low voltage installation. It wasn't too long ago that a low cost contractor was found responsible for the electrocution of a waitng bus rider here in South Florida. I believe that the equipment was not properly grounded and as a result a person died. It's unlikely that a solar powered system would have the same juice, even if assembled by an incompetent worker. Save money AND lives for a change. More, please!
It's such a brilliant idea!
written by Susan, August 24, 2008
It's exciting to see that these shelters can save not only the electricity, but also the tons of CO2 emissions, isn't that great? I hope that this techonology can be massly used, and so that the cost will be reasonable. I'm now in Shanghai and I think that big city like Shanghai, if they adopt this kind of new technology, then other cities in China will follow its way ;)

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