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AUG 21

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"If prices drop, I think we will see a huge surge in demand, a lot of p..."

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Solar Silicon Could See 43% Price Drop

We’ve been hearing for awhile that solar silicon production is going from scrambling to catch up, to having way too much stock. Now we have an idea how much the prices are expected to fall.

According to information provided to UK’s New Energy Finance by polysilicon and solar-wafer buyers and sellers, solar silicon could drop in price by as much as 43% next year. Additionally, silicon wafer prices could drop 41% - and contract silicon prices dropping by 67% - in 5 years. In New Energy Finance’s report, wafers should retain their value in 2009, but as supply increases, prices could hit less than $6 per wafer, or $1.62 per watt starting in 2011. So just as quickly as prices skyrocketed, they’ll drop again (sound like the brand viagra for sale housing market to anyone?), which means price parity for solar could be just around the corner, despite various setbacks.

"The first results [from the Silicon and Wafer Price Index] have confirmed that we will be seeing significant falls in prices right along the value chain as the polysilicon bottleneck eases, bringing solar closer to just try! viagra pharmacy in india competitiveness with other power sources," New Energy Finance CEO Michael Liebreich said in a written statement, and carefully pointed out that the research is specific to contract prices, not spot prices for silicon.

We know that companies are interested in manufacturing the in-demand product, but will production slow at all in preparation of cialis price 100 mg this over-supply? No matter what, it’s a sure bet that solar power prices will drop, so we can hope that the (so far) lack of tax credits will not be such a big factor stopping people from hooking up to the levitra pills canadian sun.

Via GreenTech Media; photo via Treehugger

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written by Mumia, August 26, 2008
If prices drop, I think we will see a huge surge in demand, a lot of people is put off by the fact that solar today is cialis 100mg china a huge investment if you are hoping to just run a few light bulbs and a few household apliances on it, 30k$ isnt far off for a system that could pay for itself in like 15 years. Now if we could get it down to like 10k$/€ and a payoff in like 5 years, so we get free power for 15 years after that, I do believe people will be putting this up standard on new houses. So let the good times begin, and the prices drop. ( and get those rechargeable batteries to drop in price also please )

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