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AUG 26

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"I happen to live in a converted school bus so both size and buy tramadol online power cons..."

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Shuttle's Teensy Tiny PC Uses Eensy Weensy Wattage

Desktop PCs are getting tiny, but Shuttle is putting out one of the how much does levitra cost smallest I’ve seen around. Just 10” long x 7” wide x less than 3” tall, the X27 mini-PC uses a proportionately tiny amount of energy. It consumes just 36 watts when active and 23 when idle, compared to the 70-250 watts regular-sized desktops use. So it is like having a laptop without the keyboard, mouse, or monitor. It will use Intel’s Atom low-power chip, and runs nearly inaudibly.

The new model will be shown off at the consumer electronics show IFA in Berlin, which starts Friday, and we might hear word about pricing after that. This could be competition with Dell’s (way, way cooler looking) new Studio Hybrid, though we don’t know the EPEAT status on the Shuttle X27 yet.

Via GoodCleanTech

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written by Ken Roberts, August 27, 2008
I find these articles to be borderline irrelevant to environmental technology. These computers are so small that users will not be able to replace the components over time, and so will have to buy entirely new machines every few years. Low power usage with current technology is also synonymous with low performance characteristics.

What you're essentially getting is performance characteristics of a 4-year-old computer, in a smaller package. Great if all you want to do is surf the we recommend buy cialis online usa web and do enter site levitra china word processing, but useless for games or other graphics intensive software.
Re: ...
written by Matt Simmons, August 27, 2008

I think that the point of these computers is that 75% of computer users /don't/ play games outside of their web browser. They don't need dual or quad core processors. Most people browse the web and send email. Doing that on a 4 year old computer is still a very user friendly experience. This computer uses half as much power as some graphics cards, and does everything that a 4 year old computer does. Once you can use passive cooling and solid state drives, how long do you suppose a computer will last? With no moving parts, it's a long damned time.

This isn't meant to replace power user's computers, it's meant to replace your mom's old Compaq.
written by jake3988, August 27, 2008
Yeah, the point is for the vast majority of people and for the older generation who barely use their computers. You won't need to ever touch it for years.

Personally, I still vouch for the $200 linux computers that are very tiny they came out with to give people in developing countries a computer. They all use only about 10 to 20 watts a piece.

But 36 is pretty darn good too!
Tiny is good in my bus
written by Doc, October 28, 2009
I happen to live in a converted school bus so both size and power consumption are always an issue.

After some years this old desktop PC is failing, so
I've opted for one of these brick sized PC's.
Mine will only use 11 watts. (Less than an eco light bulb)

I also happen to be a Linux user, so it only takes a fraction
of the computing horsepower to run my GUI desktop as it would
a similar setup in windows.

Even at that , my replacement brick sized PC will be ~25% faster than my old desktop crate.

As to the integrated nature of search viagra these machines making them
impossible to upgrade, these days they are changing so fast
that even "upgradable" machines are not really that upgradable
when the time comes.

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