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"Apparently most of the bamboo has been removed in the production model..."

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Tiny Bamboo Notebook is More than Just Pretty

Ah! A beautiful bamboo notebook that isn’t calling itself green just because it is made of some sustainable wood product. Asus has finally launched their Bamboo Series notebooks, featuring 12.1” and 11.1” models.

The company has taken eco-friendliness to heart, especially with this model. The series uses energy-efficient Super Hybrid Engine technology, that can extend battery life by 35-70% of other similar notebooks that don’t utilize the technology. Users can choose what level of performance they need at the lowest price for levitra time, saving battery power or boosting performance by as much as 23%. If a user doesn’t want to manually set a power option, the system can intelligently monitor what the user is doing, and adjust power levels accordingly. ASUS states that this technology can reduce yearly CO2 emissions by 12.3kg each notebook, and with the company shipping about 6 million notebooks a year, that’s a significant CO2 savings.

While bamboo-covered efficient desktops and hard drives abound, it’s about time a company made a notebook that combines a gorgeous earthy look with efficient power usage. It is tough to find that combination. And at just about 12”, you can practically put it in your pocket!

Via GoodCleanTech

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written by MikeDC, September 03, 2008
I see lots of posts on how this is now available but no links to actually purchase. Anyone find it for sale yet?
written by David, October 14, 2008
I can't find any extra information about this on the Asus website. Could be vapourware?
written by Robert, November 03, 2008
Apparently most of the bamboo has been removed in the production model for heat reasons and the specs are lower than originally projected (according to a review at Tree Hugger). It is available for pre-order on, however.

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