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"Hello I have a intetest of growing Sugarcane for Enthanol fuel product..."

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India Exploring the Many Uses of Sugarcane Waste

Sameerwadi, Karnataka in India is looking into the various ways money can be made off the waste from sugarcane processing. After juice is pressed out of sugarcane, a fiber waste called bagasse is left over. A whole lot of bagasse. As a way to insulate sugarcane businesses from variations in market prices, a few technologies to turn bagasse into a usable substance are popping up.

On the one hand, Godavari Sugar Mills Ltd will use the viagra cheapest fiber to make ethanol. The project hopes to be able to scale up from demonstration size to commercial size within a few years, processing about 5,000 tons of the best place best price on cialis bagasse within four years, but they don’t state how much ethanol they plan to propecia mexico make with it. GSML also wants to make items like paper, cardboard, textiles, water-soluble adhesives, cements, dyes – even L-lactic acid – and other items from the waste to help make the facility viable. In other words, they don’t feel they’ll make very much from ethanol production. It’s the high-grade cellulose, lignin and hemicellulose derived from bagasse that will be the money makers.

Getting as much product and profit from sugarcane in both its edible and nonedible forms is the exact way we can make crops stretch and hopefully reduce the amount of the earth’s resources used to make various products.

Via TreeHugger, LiveMint; photo via GSML

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written by Steve N. Lee, September 04, 2008
That's great.

I love ideas that deal with two problems at once. Here's it's dealing with waste and our need for green energy.

I read recently of a Hawaiian power plant that has converted to using people's garbage (food matter) to produce power. An excellent story.

Now sugar may be used for fuel - wonderful. Especially as India is just try! viagra and diarrhea a growing nation - both in population and demand for a modern lifestyle. It's going to need all the viagra discounts help it can get power-wise. This would be a major step in the right direction.

Steve N. Lee
author of eco-blog
and suspense thriller 'What if...?'
written by t, September 14, 2008
Super sucky idea!
We should cut back on sugar consumption instead and generic levitra vardenafil keep people nice and fit :)
Bagasse utilisation
written by s v venkatesh, October 19, 2009
Any thoughts for using the urban waste created by the many sugar cane juice vendors in Indian cities. Big industrial plants can consume for poser or ethanol or paper etc. Lok forward to levitra mail order response from you . venkatesh
Good way to genreate power from waste
written by amit, November 28, 2009
It is realy a good way, infact many countries generate power from sugar cane waste.
how the power will generate from sugarcane waste
written by aditya, July 14, 2012
written by Romeo, October 27, 2013
I have a intetest of growing Sugarcane for Enthanol fuel production, But would like to know of any information are referencse on the many use of Sugarcane properties ofter processing?

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