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"the issue raised by Clich is no doubt troubeling to canadian pharmacy levitra some, but you have..."

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Sharp Creates Process to Halve Solar Costs

Sharp has created technology that can cut the cost of price of cialis in canada producing a silicon wafer by half. Nikkei reports that the technology uses a substrate that is put into contact with molten silicon. The film of silicon created by the order viagra next day shipping contact is usps delivery viagra peeled off, and the edges are removed and we use it cialis no prescription canada set aside for reuse. Sharp states that they can create a silicon wafer every 8 seconds, but doesn’t provide further details about the efficiency of the wafer, or any other useful info. We do know that in 2006, the efficiency with this tech was 14.6%, so possibly two years later, the efficiency is even better. Either way, they must think it’s pretty great because they’ve already set up an automation line for mass production. So this could be a so-called miracle cure, or not. We’ll have to wait and see.

Via Nikkei

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written by Clinch, September 06, 2008
I keep seeing these stories of solar power becoming more efficient and cheaper, and combined, they could probably make electricity from new solar 1/20th it's current cost per watt (or better!), but there never seems to be any indication of when we'll actually see the benefits of this, will it be as early as next year, or will it be more than 10 years before we see any significant drop in energy prices due to solar?
solar is here to stay
written by ThetaNoon, September 10, 2008
the issue raised by Clich is no doubt troubeling to some, but you have to remember that the first cars, for examples, were not as efficient as they are today. It takes time for these technologies to levitra in mexico evolve, and since there is so much R&D money going into development, the breakthrough will arrive. I think it's a question of 2-3 years until we get to grid parity.
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