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"i think once solar pv hits the 99c per watt, that'll be the tipping po..."

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Solar Industry – How You Doin?

Investors need some encouragement to viagra for sale london put money into solar right now. So at European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference in Spain last week, 715 solar companies tried their best to impress. But solar stock prices still dropped a bit.

Basically, with governments, including the US, shifting policies on solar such as incentive programs, the highly likely oversupply of silicon to hit soon, and the only for you cialis how much growing influence of wind power, solar just isn’t doing so hot. Analysts are looking to see a drop from 5-20% in solar panel prices during 2009.

Jeff Osborne of Thomas Weisel Parners stated that Suntech, SunPower and order cialis pill First Solar are going to be the winners in a tight market next year. They could be looking at Europe to carry them through, since European Photovoltaic Industry Association members all agree that solar could be the source of 12% of European electricity by 2020.

We’ll see how they fair, but I’m sure we’ll see them pull through since people actually want solar panels when they’re cheap and easily accessable.

Via GreenTechMedia; Photo via astrowoosie

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written by Total Solar Energy, October 08, 2008
i think once solar pv hits the 99c per watt, that'll be the tipping point

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