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"The eneloop solar light is only here cialis pills canadian not necessarily just designed for camping. ..."

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Solar Lights Just Keep Getting Neater

Solar powered flashlights are getting more and buy viagra overnight more awesome. For use from camping to disaster relief, they’re handy, getting more efficient, and more readily available…sometimes even free! Well, Sanyo doesn’t want to be left behind, so they’re come out with the buy viagra now Eneloop solar light.

The light is rugged enough for camping with a splash resistant exterior, bright enough to illuminate a small room, can be used as a flashlight or panel light (which has three different levels of illumination), and just flat out looks pretty. The solar technology utilizes Sanyo’s high efficiency solar cell and has a rechargeable battery that can store enough energy to charge a cell phone.

The only problem is that it takes 15-30 hours of daylight to charge – taking a couple of days to charge a light isn’t all that handy. It does come with an AC adaptor that takes 3.5 hours to charge up the pack, but that doesn’t do much good when you’re off grid. However, when it is fully charged, you get between 9 and 50 hours of light time, depending on the mode. Most people only need at most 4-5 hours of light at night, so you can probably get all the light you need each night if you set it out in the sun for the day, making this another neat-o light option.

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written by HomeEnergyTv, September 06, 2008
Great product for camping! I've been searching a bit for the price, and have not been able to find information, any idea on what the retail price will be for this item?
written by Don Marang, September 06, 2008
If you partially run down the battery and use it each night and recharge it each day, won't the rechargeable batteries suffer from the "memory" effect? The main problem with rechargeable batteries has been their rapid deteriation because of this effect. Any advancements in this area?
written by Bob, September 07, 2008
Doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

Going camping for a few days? Take a LED flashlight with a couple of freshly charged AAs. You'll have plenty of light.

Carrying a small solar charger on anything less than a month long trip makes no sense to me. An extra set of AAs would weigh less, take less pack space.

Stocking your emergency kit? Get a solar powered battery charger so that you can charge both your flashlight and radio batteries.
The charger/light
written by the006iceman, September 07, 2008
The eneloop solar light is not necessarily just designed for camping. If you read the release on the Sanyo website, you will see that it is more designed for disaster situations, such as when the power is out due to a hurricane, earthquake, or some other natural disaster. The fact that it can be recharged, even if it takes 15 hours, is very beneficial to tramadol cheap discount anyone as a backup source of light. Also, since it has power ports, you can charge a cell phone if you need to with the power (but you will sacrifice some light at night...), which might just save you if you are lost out in the middle of nowhere trying to get signal.

As for the memory effect problem, the charger uses Nickel-metal hydride, which probably means that it uses Sanyo's special 'eneloop' series which reportedly overcome the memory effect problem, thanks to its inherent design.

I personally would use this when I go camping even if overnight, just to be familiar with the product in the case that I would have to use it in an emergency. Besides, if you can recharge it with AC and use it for up to 50 hours, why would you need to grab a flashlight and a few batteries? Plus it can be used as a light inside the tent, so I can actually read without having struggling to set up the flashlight just right.

This is a great product idea Sanyo, keep it up!

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