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Japan Launching Eco-Rigs to Provide Food, Power

In just under a decade, we can expect to visit our site viagra pfizer 50 mg see a new form of sea monster take to the how much is viagra waves off Japan’s shores. Giant eco-rigs are Japan’s answer to diminished fish stocks and levitra discussionsdiscount priced levitra high energy prices.

Each rig will produce about 300 MW of energy - measuring 1.2 miles long by .5 mile wide, they’ll generate energy from the sun and waves. Part of the energy collected will power underwater LED lights, that will make the platform into a nursery of sorts to grow CO2-absorbing seaweed, that will in turn feed fish and plankton.

A scaled demonstration rig is already undergoing testing, and a full evaluation is to begin soon. Researchers say the rigs are only about three years away from being a reality.

It makes sense that Japan, a country whose main natural resources for energy are the sun and the ocean and who regularly takes advantage of them, would come up with a massive and somewhat crazy notion like this eco-rig. It’ll be very interesting to see how these eco-rigs pan out.

Via TimesOnline; photo via harryvale

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