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"If it's cylindrical, that means that it can never have all of best way to use cialis it in th..."

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ElectraWall Utilizes Cylindrical Solar Cells and…Walls

One of the main issues with solar panels is getting them to exactly face the sun. Solaroad Technologies Group LLC decided to just toss that issue out the window and get viagra free sample design a solar cell that always faces the sun. So, they made a cylindrical cell that a user can tack on to most any surface – walls, light polls, rooftops… The ElectraWall PV system doesn’t require direct sunlight to function, thanks to conductor-track mounting technology. A track is mounted onto a surface, and the ElectraWall cells clip into place, collecting and storing energy. Specifics about efficiency and function aren’t readily available, and I have a hard time thinking that this solution is overnight levitra all that efficient. However, if someone has limited space and wants a more versatile solution to generic levitra effective generating solar power, this is a pretty cool idea.

Via Solar Industry, Solaroad Group

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written by Clinch, September 08, 2008
If it's cylindrical, that means that it can never have all of it in the optimal position for maximum energy.

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